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HughesNet and 4-H


HughesNet® is proud to partner with the National 4-H Council to support its GROWN program, aimed at building awareness and excitement around science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities among youth.

National 4-H Council and HughesNet want to connect with 4-H alumni to encourage today's 4-H youth to get engaged in STEM. Through 4-H GROWN, we're encouraging alumni to contact the special people from their 4-H days. When alumni 'check in' they can help 4-H youth in their state win a $10,000 "Innovation Incubator" science scholarship from HughesNet to help them discover the magic of science.

Tag photos of your 4-H friends and follow the conversation online using the hashtag #4HGROWN

Check in as a 4-H GROWN Alumni by clicking HERE, and your state will receive a vote towards winning a $10,000 Innovation Incubator sponsorship!

Our Partnership

Together, our organizations serve small, local rural and exurban communities across America. We are passionate about STEM education, building future leaders, and the role they will play in advancing our country’s competitiveness in the global economy. That’s what makes us natural partners in inspiring our next generation of scientists.

We’re investing at the local and regional levels to introduce youth to STEM education and to get them involved in science activities. From county science events to HughesNet “Tech Takeover Days” at 4-H camps, we’re motivating 4-H kids, families, and alumni to support 4-H and their science education programs.

The Importance of STEM Education

Access to quality STEM education shouldn’t be determined by where you live. Kids all across the U.S. should be exposed to STEM. Not only is it important for the development of our youth, but it’s also important for our country’s future.

Our passion towards STEM education is the core driver of our initiatives with 4-H. As the nation’s premier youth development organization, they have a long history of leading innovative programs, and we are proud to support the work they are doing.

4-H Press Releases

National 4-H Council and HughesNet Announce New 2015 Program to Spark Youth Interest in Science, Technology Careers

America Chooses Jared Fuchs as Grand Prize Winner in National 4-H Council and HughesNet "Inspire a Future Scientist" Video Contest!

HughesNet and 4-H

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