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Why is everyone so excited?

For over 40 years, Hughes has been developing and implementing satellite technology. As the pioneer in the satellite industry, Hughes offers unparalleled satellite Internet services.
...Everybody I dealt with in getting Internet set up was just fantastic and very professional and helpful. They made doing business with HughesNet a pleasure.

Enda – TN
Overall I think that everything was perfect. I told them what I was trying to do and they told me what I needed. I received the service very quickly and am extremely satisfied. Thank you so much for your help!

Jennifer – AK
I am very satisfied at this point with our overall experience and am delighted with ending dial-up.

Linda – PA
All my Internet needs have been met with this service, I'm hoping this is going to be good. Anything is better than dial-up, and your cost is great. Thank you for this service.

Marsha – NY
Just connected today – very happy with the speed and looking forward to discovering more online!

Nancy – MI
Great company. I think I will enjoy doing business with you. I know several who have HughesNet and are pleased. Why I chose company. Appreciate doing business with you!

Doris – GA
I'm very satisfied with my Internet, and think you're all doing a truly wonderful job!

Donald – MS
Just keep doing what you are doing. Excellent, knowledgeable and very professional employees. A treat to find a company that still takes pride in servicing the customer.

Russell – NY
I am very pleased with the speed of the service and the pricing of the service.

Dale – MI
We feel that we are back in the Real World now that we have HughesNet Gen4. Getting online has become a pleasure again. I'd recommend HughesNet Gen4 to anybody that lives in a rural area and wants a high-speed Internet service!

David – OH
Wow! I can have two computers, two cell phones and my Nook connected with little or no slow down. Keep up the improvement, it was worth the wait.

Susan – WV
The HughesNet Gen4 service we just installed is a major improvement for satellite Internet. It is about 15 times faster than the old service and has made my Internet use much more enjoyable. Thanks so much for providing such a great Internet service.

Mark – LA
I love it, so much faster, it is awesome. Hughes has upgraded a lot, I am very pleased.

Linda – IA
Hughes has brought to its customers much needed higher speeds to rural community. With Hughes, the customer always comes first. Hughes is the best of the best.

Timmy – GA
I would (and have) recommend HughesNet to many of my friends.

Skee – CA