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HughesNet Gen4 lets you live where you love and love where you live – and still stay connected.
With HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet, surfing, shopping, banking, staying in touch ... everything you do online ... just got easier – and better.
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It's available where you live

HughesNet is rural broadband that's available to you no matter where you live in the United States, even where cable and DSL don't reach.

It's super-fast

With HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet, you'll be able to watch video clips, download music, shop, chat, and learn – all faster than ever.

It works with your computer

Use it with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

No dial-up necessary

Free up your phone – no missed calls, no dialing in, no extra phone line needed. You can even talk on the phone and surf the Web at the same time.

We install it, so you have nothing to worry about

After you select the right high-speed satellite Internet plan for you, a certified HughesNet installer will contact you to schedule your installation. We take care of everything, so you'll be surfing in no time.

It's secure

Once installed, the satellite dish sends and receives information over the Internet and delivers it to your computer through your satellite modem, giving you secure and fast Internet access.

We constantly monitor the network to ensure better service

Hughes operates several Network Operations Centers (NOCs) that are equipped to monitor customer networks at all times.

Excellent customer service

All Hughes Network Operations Centers are staffed with qualified engineers to provide professional and reliable customer support. If you have a question regarding your Internet access, contact Customer Care any time.

Hughes is the leader in the industry

With more than 2.5 million systems installed in more than 100 countries, Hughes has a proven track record of performance. No one understands your needs like Hughes.

Hughes is a trusted name and provider

For over 40 years, Hughes has been developing and implementing satellite technology. As the pioneer in the satellite industry, Hughes offers unparalleled satellite Internet services.