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Rural High-Speed Satellite Internet Service

A recently published Pew Internet & American Life Project memo states that only 24 percent of rural residents have Internet access at home.* This small number is a result of many factors, but one of the major reasons is that many cable and DSL Internet service providers simply do not provide rural broadband Internet services.


Of course, many people living in rural areas access the Internet through dial-up phone lines – a frustrating and slow experience. Sometimes images and documents cannot be accessed at all because of a slow dial-up connection. Plus, using dial-up as your rural Internet connection ties up your phone line – you must have a second phone line to surf the Web and talk on the phone at the same time.


The Pew study noted that rural Americans use the Internet less frequently than urban and suburban users. This is not because rural Americans have different tastes than people in cities or suburban areas, but rather because rural Americans have less access to a high-speed Internet connection. They also tend to use dial-up access more, even though it can be extremely slow and limiting. And although it is more expensive to wire rural areas, rural residents hope to get wireless or satellite Internet access in their areas to keep up with the urban population.


HughesNet is your solution. With rural satellite Internet, slow or no Internet access is a thing of the past. Now, no matter where you live in the contiguous United States – rural area or urban area – you can have high-speed Internet access like you've never had before. And you'll finally be able to browse the Web and talk on the phone at the same time!


When you order HughesNet for your rural Internet access, a certified HughesNet installer will visit your home and install the Internet service. Installation includes affixing a satellite dish (antenna) to the roof of your home in a south-facing direction and connecting your computer to a satellite modem. It doesn't matter where you live. Your home can be connected to broadband Internet – even in rural areas! If your geographical area has been overlooked by DSL and cable providers, go outside and look to the south. If you have a clear view of the southern sky, then you can most likely get HughesNet high-speed satellite Internet service!