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Small Town Business Means a Big Time Local Connection

Small business saturday survey 2019

In November 2019, we surveyed HughesNet® for Business customers to find out more about life in small-town America. Here’s what those that responded had to say.

  • 67% of our small business respondents have home-based businesses.
  • 10% of our small business respondents are farms.
  • 30% of our small business respondents operate a business like an accounting firm, law office, salon or health practice.


The number-one benefit of operating a small business in rural America is living where they love.


  1. Enables me to make a living in a place I love
  2. I am able to get to know my customers more personally
  3. Opportunity to cater to the specific needs of my community
  4. Less competition from big chains / national businesses.

In addition, they feel supported by their communities! Nearly 50% say people in their communities want to do business with local companies.


Most of our respondents use their satellite Internet for email and web browsing.


  1. Email and web browsing
  2. To access business services like accounting, security monitoring and payroll
  3. Running business website
  4. Running business social media accounts
  5. To process credit card transactions
  6. As back-up connectivity to another method 


When asked about their biggest concerns this time of year, 35% said the availability of connectivity to handle their business needs, followed by 22%, who cited slower consumer spending due to the economy.


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