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HughesNet and 4-H National Youth Science Day 2016

September 23, 2016

HughesNet is working with 4-H to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through 4‑H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) on October 5th.


2016 summer intern Thaddeus Hughes has been selected to represent 4-H on PBS' documentary American Graduate Day

September 13, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that 2016 summer intern Thaddeus Hughes has been selected to represent 4-H on PBS' documentary American Graduate Day. Thad is also the HughesNet sponsored 2016 4-H Youth-In-Action STEM pillar award winner.


Colorado 4-H’s ENOR Environmental Discovery Camp received a HughesNet sponsored STEM Experience this summer.

August 30, 2016

Colorado 4-H’s ENOR Environmental Discovery Camp received a HughesNet sponsored STEM Experience this summer. Check out the video to see campers explore the natural beauty of Colorado.


HughesNet Sponsors STEM Experience Day at 4-H’s Camp Bob White

August 11, 2016

HughesNet sponsored a summer camp STEM experience day at Missouri 4-H’s Camp Bob White in June! Campers learned about astronomy, meteorology, robotics and aerospace through fun activities including chats with astronomers and a local meteorologist!


4-H Club from McLean County, IL uses HughesNet grant to create new STEM "Technology in a Box" program

June 28, 2016

4-Her's are creating resources to give schools and local groups in their county fun, educational resources to explore STEM.


National Awards Recognize HughesNet and 4-H for Sparking Youth Interest in STEM Careers

June 7, 2016

HughesNet’s partnership with the National 4-H Council is winning recognition in the business community for its efforts to inspire the next generation of leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


Discover the Excitement of Drones through Hands-On Exploration

May 31, 2016

4-H Announces “Drone Discovery Challenge” as 2016’s 4-H National Youth Science Day Experiment. Sponsored in part by HughesNet.


HughesNet Attends 2016 4-H Congressional Breakfast

May 8, 2016

4-Hers highlight the need for more STEM education and the success of 4-H programs in helping America's youth prepare for STEM careers.


4-H West Virginia STEM Camp Curriculum

May 8, 2016

Local 4-Hers experience quadcopters, find new uses for electric toothbrush motors, create light-up and fashionable wrist bands through sew-able circuitry, and more!


Meet This Month's Featured STEM 4-Her

May 2, 2016

Congratulations to Colleen Murray from 4-H Delaware, our featured 4-Her for the month of May.


STEM Leader of the Month

May 2, 2016

Our STEM Leader of the month is Debbie McDonald, West Virginia's State 4-H Program Leader!


National 4-H Council names Thaddeus Hughes as the winner of the Youth in Action STEM Award

April 13, 2016

Congratulations to Thaddeus Hughes, the winner of the 2016 National 4-H Youth in Action STEM Award, sponsored by HughesNet.


HughesNet and 4-H Campaign Named as a Finalist in 2016 Cause Marketing Halo Awards

April 5, 2016

HughesNet is pleased to have been named, in partnership with 4-H, as a finalist for a Cause Marketing Halo Award in the Best Education Campaign Category.


HughesNet STEM Days at 4-H Summer Camp

April 3, 2016

What did you do this summer? Check our video to see what 4-Hers from New York, Georgia, West Virginia, and Delaware learned when HughesNet held a STEM day at their summer camps. HughesNet is proud to partner with 4-H to promote ‪STEM‬ education, creating tomorrow’s leaders today.


Check out National 4-H Council's Robotics Curriculum

April 1, 2016

Looking for exciting ways to get youth involved in STEM? Check out National 4-H Council's robotics curriculum!


Featured STEM Leader

April 1, 2016

Mentors play a crucial role in the successful development of children and young adults. Hear from Jen Robertson of 4-H West Virginia on how STEM camps are positively affecting youth!


National Engineers Week Career Exploration Day 2016

March 10, 2016

For the third year in a row, HughesNet and 4-H teamed up to bring local 4-Hers to Hughes headquarters during National Engineers Week as part of our ongoing effort to inspire the next generation of scientists.



Check Out the 4-H Wisconsin Camp DOTS Curriculum

March 4, 2016

The Digital Observation Technology Skills (DOTS) program is an innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program designed to utilize mobile digital technologies in experiential environmental education.


Featured STEM Leader

February 29, 2016

Meet Doug Crouse from Delaware as he discusses the importance of STEM education for youth!


Meet Our March Featured STEM 4-Her

February 29, 2016

Michael Apodaca from Dallas County 4-H is a promising 4-Her with STEM talent, pursuing photography and promoting technology across the state.


4-H National Youth Science Day

October 9, 2015

HughesNet is a proud sponsor of 4-H National Youth Science Day, the world’s largest youth-led science experiment. On October 7, 2015, thousands of youth participated in Motion Commotion to learn about physics, speed, and safety!


Hughes Wins Gold Stevie Award for 4-H Partnership

July 6, 2015

During the annual American Business Awards competition—the nation's premier business awards program—a panel of 200 executives awarded Hughes with the gold ‘Stevie®’ award for its partnership with National 4-H Council.

The Importance of STEM Education

Access to quality science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education shouldn’t be determined by where you live. Kids all across the U.S. should be exposed to STEM. Not only is it important for the development of our youth, but it’s also important for our country’s future.

Our passion towards STEM education is the core driver of our initiatives with 4-­H. As the nation’s premier youth development organization, they have a long history of leading innovative programs, and we are proud to support the work they are doing.

Our Partnership


Together, our organizations serve small, local rural and exurban communities across America. We are passionate about STEM education, building future leaders, and the role they will play in advancing our country’s competitiveness in the global economy. That’s what makes us natural partners in inspiring our next generation of scientists.

We’re investing at the local and regional levels to introduce youth to STEM education and to get them involved in science activities. From county science events to HughesNet “Tech Takeover Days” at 4-­H camps, we’re motivating 4-­H kids, families, and alumni to support 4-­H and their science education programs.

No endorsement of the product or service by 4-H is implied or intended. 4-H is the youth development program of our nation’s cooperative extension system.