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Inspiring the Next Leaders in STEM


HughesNet is proud to support 4-H, a premier youth development organization, and its initiatives to foster youth engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. We believe that it is crucial for the next generation to have access to quality resources that will develop their interest in STEM-related fields and projects.


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Aidan Spencer

Youth in Action Awards

HughesNet is a proud sponsor of the 4-H Youth in Action (YIA) STEM Pillar Awards. Each year, the finalists for the YIA Awards use the STEM knowledge they have gained in 4-H to create lasting impacts in their communities. Check out the winner of this year’s STEM Pillar Award, Aidan Spencer

Learn more about the YIA Awards and how to apply below.

Check Out the 4-H STEM Lab

Co-produced with HughesNet, the 4-H STEM Lab is your online resource for fun, easy, and educational STEM activities. These free-to-use activities were created by some of the country’s top public universities and can be completed using common household items. Bring chemistry to life with fuzzy foam, or build an incredible bridge like an engineer! 

The 4-H STEM Lab can be found on the 4-H at Home webpage!


4-H STEM Challenge

The 4-H STEM Challenge, formerly known as National Youth Science Day, is a great year-round opportunity to introduce STEM to your community with adaptable and hands-on activities. Throughout the month of October, now known as 4-H STEM Month, over 300,000 kids and teens across the United States are expected to take part in this challenge. We hope you can join us!

Our Mission

Together, 4-H and HughesNet are dedicated to serving small and rural communities across the United States. We understand that educating today’s youth in STEM fields creates the opportunity for a better future. To further support these important communities, we will continue to work together on initiatives such as the National Youth Science Day, the Youth in Action Awards, and the STEM Lab.


Learn More

Explore our partnership with 4-H and our dedication to STEM education.

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    Video Library

    Check out our video library to see all of the ways HughesNet supports 4-H!

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    Read our blog, dedicated exclusively to our work with 4-H!

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    Learn more about America's largest youth development organization!

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