online learning in rural areas

How Satellite Internet Impacts Learning at Home in Rural Areas

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed life as we know it, requiring us to adapt to a “new normal” that continues to evolve. One of the most striking examples of COVID’s impact can be seen in the transformation of our school systems. From virtual classrooms to pre-recorded lectures, online
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Satellite Internet Bandwidth
Most people know high bandwidth is necessary for fast internet speeds, but not everyone knows what bandwidth is...
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Hughesnet JUPITER™ 3 Satellite
Launched in July 2023, JUPITER™ 3 is the highly anticipated, next-generation Ultra High Density Satellite that...
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grandparents and grandchild using a mobile tablet
The new Hughesnet® is here! Now you can do it all with faster speeds, unlimited data, low latency rates, and new...
Kids streaming with Hughesnet satellite internet
What is the best satellite internet for streaming videos? The answer is Hughesnet—in part because our download...
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Hughesnet customer using high speed internet
In the decades since its inception, the internet has gone from being a burgeoning technology to an essential...
Speed & Bandwidth
Hurricanes can cause major damage to homes, businesses and critical communications infrastructure. Storms can knock...