How to Get the Most Out of Satellite Internet

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If you live beyond the reach of cable, you might have experienced difficulty in finding high-speed Internet options. However, with satellite Internet, a high-speed connection is always within reach. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your high-speed satellite Internet connection – so you can get connected while living where you love.

Protect Your Dish

Your satellite dish is the most critical piece of equipment for the functionality of your satellite internet service. At setup, you’ll consult with your installation professional on the correct positioning and placement of your dish. You can visit our recent post to learn what you can expect from your satellite internet installation. The location of your dish should be as close to the house as possible to ensure the strength of the connection.

In addition, you should check on your dish periodically to make sure it’s protected, clear of obstructions and undamaged by weather or wear to ensure a strong satellite internet service connection.

Optimize Your Router

To ensure your router is performing at its best, you need to keep it up to-date and in a central location in your house. One important aspect of your Wi-Fi router is its firmware. This is the software that’s embedded into your device (the operating system, security, etc.). Updating your router’s firmware can help both keep it secure and running smoothly, helping you get the most out of your satellite internet service.

Another important aspect of your Wi-Fi router is its location. You should position the router in the middle of the usage area (typically in the middle of the house), so that you can get the strongest signal. The closer your devices are to the router, the stronger the signal. To get the most out of your high-speed satellite internet connection

Use Data Wisely

Keeping an eye on your data can really help to keep your speeds high. Monitor your data and look out for apps and websites that use the most high-speed internet data. 

Using ad blockers and data compressors in your internet browser can also help keep your satellite internet service running quickly and smoothly. You can find and download these based on your favorite browser.

Planning out your maximum data usage (downloading files, etc.) could also help you get the most out of your service. For example, if you can plan on downloading large files during off-peak hours (from 2-8 am), you can use additional data that is unlocked during this time – instead of your regular monthly data allowance.

Love Where You Live

Satellite internet allows everyone, no matter where they live, to stay connected. By choosing to love where you live (even if that is outside of cable's reach), you are getting the most out of your high-speed satellite internet connection.