What is JUPITER™ 3?

Hughesnet JUPITER™ 3 Satellite

Launched in July 2023, JUPITER™ 3 is the highly anticipated, next-generation Ultra High Density Satellite that doubles the capacity of the Hughes JUPITER satellite fleet. JUPITER 3 is the largest, most advanced commercial communications satellite ever built, and provides increased speeds for the new Hughesnet plans.

What is JUPITER 3?

JUPITER 3 will provide residential and business satellite internet services across the Americas as well as enterprise networking and in-flight Wi-Fi

JUPITER 3 is the largest commercial communications satellite ever built, weighing approximately nine tons. The body of the satellite is as large as a school bus. Once JUPITER 3’s 14 solar arrays deploy in orbit, the satellite’s “wingspan” will approximate a ten-story building. If you’re wondering how a payload that big can escape Earth’s atmosphere, we can explain how satellites are launched.

The JUPITER 3 satellite will send and receive web data from 22,000 miles above the earth. At this height, the satellite's orbit matches the Earth’s 24-hour rotation, so the satellite appears in the same position relative to the Earth, a state known as geostationary orbit.  

What is the Capacity of JUPITER 3?

The JUPITER 3 satellite will process more than 500 gigabits per second, doubling the capacity of the existing Hughes JUPITER fleet. The satellite can relay web data across thousands of miles in a fraction of a second, providing internet download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. 

The increased speed and coverage capabilities of JUPITER 3 will greatly improve satellite internet for rural areas in North America. JUPITER 3 also allows Hughesnet to expand its South American services while meeting the increasing demand for high-speed connectivity and access to web data in regions underserved by internet providers. The JUPITER 3 Fact Sheet offers more information on the satellite’s innovative features. 


What's Unique about JUPITER 3?

JUPITER 3 is the world’s largest and most advanced commercial communications satellite. While the sheer size of the JUPITER 3 satellite is impressive, it’s the technology inside that makes Hughesnet JUPITER Powered. JUPITER 3 includes 300 spot beams, more than double the beams on JUPITER 2. Utilizing these densely concentrated spot beams allows Hughesnet to target areas where our clients need internet connections, no matter how rural the location.

We are excited to write a new chapter in the Hughes story. We invented satellite internet to connect rural customers. JUPITER 3 represents our commitment to building those connections while delivering more data and higher speeds.

Join us on our JUPITER Powered journey as we launch a new era of connectivity.

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