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Historic Lighthouse Navigates Business Needs with Help from HughesNet


For more than a century, the Crisp Point Lighthouse has stood on a wind-swept shore of Lake  Superior. Ensuring the historic landmark continues to thrive requires a modern approach to connectivity.

When Rick Brockway stumbled upon the remote Crisp Point Lighthouse in 1993, he knew he had found something special. Located near Whitefish Point in upper Michigan, 38 miles from the nearest town, the museum and its thriving gift shop were owned and operated by an elderly couple with the help of the non-profit Crisp Point Lighthouse Historical Society. Rick began volunteering for the organization in his spare time. Soon, he was elected treasurer of the non-profit and, in October of 2009, he assumed the role of president.

The Crisp Point Lighthouse Historical Society self-funds operations, costly restorations and general upkeep through income from the gift shop. In fact, the very survival of the historic site depends on processing credit cards for gift shop purchases.

A credit card transaction requires the processing system to contact the bank or credit card company to verify the card and authorize the payment. And this process depends on a reliable connection. Surrounded by water and trees for nearly an hour of travel in any direction, the Crisp Point Lighthouse lies well beyond the reach of cable and fiber connections.

For a time, Crisp Point depended on its telephone provider to process credit card transactions. However, that solution proved unreliable. This prompted Rick to switch to HughesNet® high-speed satellite Internet.

HughesNet for Business provides the connectivity Crisp Point needs to ensure credit card transactions process smoothly and securely, protecting this vital source of income for the Lighthouse. Rick reports that his satellite Internet service exceeds expectations. The organization even disconnected their phone service and now uses HughesNet for its Internet access and phone service with HughesNet Voice.

HughesNet provides Crisp Point Lighthouse the connected experience it requires to navigate business demands and illuminate new possibilities for growth.

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