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HughesNet for Business Powers Connectivity for Rural Illinois Farm

rebman farms

In today’s world, being connected is a necessity everywhere – especially on farms. Fifth-generation farmer Greg Rebman, states it bluntly: “We couldn’t have our business without being connected.”

Located in rural Frederick, Illinois, 100-year-old Rebman Farms produces grain for delivery to domestic and international markets. Rebman considers technology an important attribute that sets his operation apart from the competition. A few years ago, he switched to HughesNet for Business for Internet access that he now uses in “virtually every aspect of the business.”

Rebman starts each day using HughesNet to access online weather radar. Then, during his rounds of the fields, he sends photos of crops to his agronomist (who specializes in plant and soil science) to evaluate them for crop disease—even from the middle of the 1,500+ acre farm. Rebman also depends on his satellite Internet access for front- and back-end business operations, including accounting, sales, and marketing.

With a gleam in his eye, Rebman calls this era of the connected farm the “most exciting time I’ve ever seen!”

Indeed, the future of agriculture depends on rural farmers like Rebman having connectivity at their fingertips. In fact, next on Rebman’s connected agenda is to explore e-commerce for selling his farm’s products to customers near and far.

Underscoring the importance of reliable connectivity, Rebman quips: “Without having HughesNet to share our ideas, concepts, videos, and data streams, we’d be back to, well, mailing stuff to each other.”

Click HERE for a video showing how Rebman Farms relies on HughesNet for all their connectivity needs.

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