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Phone service with calling features and quality you want for your business - at a price you'll love!

You can get internet and great phone service where you work! Advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology delivers a feature-rich phone service over your satellite connection. Unlike other VoIP solutions, Hughesnet Voice doesn't interfere with your internet service. Enjoy tons of FREE premium features such as Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Unlimited Calling in the domestic US and Canada!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hughesnet Voice uses advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to deliver a feature-rich phone service over your satellite connection. New Hughesnet customers will have their Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) set up by their installer during the installation appointment which will route your calls through your satellite modem and dish without using your plan data. It’s as easy as that!

With Hughesnet Voice you get a number of useful standard features including Call Waiting, Caller ID, Outbound Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Block, Simultaneous Ring, Enhanced Voicemail (accessible via dial-in and forwarded via email), a Web Self-Care Portal, and unlimited long-distance calling to the continental United States and Canada.

If you qualify for a local number: Yes, when you register for Hughesnet Voice you may either select a new telephone number or transfer an existing, preferred telephone number to your Hughesnet Voice account through a process called “porting.” There is no additional charge to you for placing a porting request; however, once a porting request is placed, it cannot be canceled by Hughes. If you change providers and want to carry the same number with you, you will need to submit a new porting request through your new provider.

If you did NOT qualify for a local number: You can choose a new non-local telephone number across the continental United States, but you may not port your existing local number to Hughesnet.

Yes. The Priority Data you receive through your Hughesnet internet plan does not impact calls using the Hughesnet Voice service.


Because of the manner in which telephone calls are transmitted over the network, FAX machines, alarm systems and credit card terminals will not work properly using Hughesnet Voice service.

The ATA will support one phone line (Phone 1) and you must use the ATA provided by Hughes.

For new Hughesnet Internet and Voice customers, on the day of installation your installer will arrive with the dish, the modem, and the Hughesnet Voice ATA (analog telephone adapter). The installer will install your Internet service and set up and activate your Voice service. You will be required to accept the Voice Terms and Conditions prior to completing the Voice activation. You’ll also be shown a self-service website where you can update, change, and monitor your Voice service.

TRS is a service that allows individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate via the telephone network to other parties. The customer uses special TTY (keyboard and terminal) equipment to communicate to a call center, and personnel at the call center relay the typed text to the other party on the line. Responses from the other party are taken by the call center and sent via text to the customer’s TTY equipment. Hughes does provide service for the deaf and hard of hearing with the use of IP-enabled TTY equipment.

**Transfers of existing telephone number not always available, and your new telephone number may not be a local number. Service is subject to our Hughesnet Voice Subscription Agreement and Reasonable Use Policy. Service (including 911 / emergency services) will not function during periods of Internet service outage. Additional voice adapter equipment required. Call or go online to check service availability for your location.

Offer represents a $75 savings on Hughesnet Voice equipment. 24-month commitment required. Other terms may apply. Limited-time offer.

After 3 months, the monthly fee reverts to $29.95. 24-month commitment required. Other terms may apply. Limited-time offer.

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