HughesNet Testimonials

Read about how HughesNet is helping customers connect while living where they love.
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A Rural Mountain Life Made Possible by Reliable Internet Access 

Doug F. proudly calls the picturesque mountains of northern Idaho home. Surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains as far as the eye can see, he depends on HughesNet satellite Internet to be able to live where he loves.

A Connected Life Off the Grid on the Front Door of the Rockies 

HughesNet enables Dan to keep in touch with customers, cultivate new business and browse the Internet for personal use at his off the grid property in the Rocky mountains. 

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Steady Service from HughesNet Supports an Active Retiree Near Chesapeake Bay

Anne uses her Internet to stay connected in her small Maryland community. "I generally use my Internet service for social media and email, but I occasionally use it to work on private projects. The Internet is invaluable to me for patterns, crafts and recipes," she said. "My latest project is a family cookbook for my children and grandchildren." 

Shenandoah Home, Washington Career, Minimal Commute Thanks to HughesNet

Before she discovered HughesNet satellite Internet service, Jaime had a frustrating three-hour commute five days a week. Now it's down to a manageable twice a week thanks to a work-at-home program that allows her to work from home using HughesNet. Working remotely enables her to live a laid-back life near the Shenandoah Mountains with her husband, Robert, and her youngest stepson on two acres near dairy and horse farms. 

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A Move to the Country and Still Connected to the World with HughesNet 

Becky lives in a fairly remote area near Reed City and uses high-speed HughesNet satellite Internet to do her online banking, emailing, bill paying, Facebook, and general Internet surfing. 

HughesNet Connects Prairie Home to Friends and Family

Daniel's family has owned a 650-acre ranch five miles from Devil's Tower for decades. With HughesNet satellite Internet access, life on the prairie didn't mean having to give up contact with friends and family all over the world or having trouble keeping his woodworking business humming. 

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HughesNet Keeps Family Connected in the Dense Woods of Metro Houston Suburb

HughesNet enables Vicki and her husband to stay connected to the outside world while enjoying the peace and quite of their heavily wooded neighborhood. She uses the Internet for email and social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. "With the HughesNet service I feel like part of the 21st century now. It has made things a lot easier for us. I feel like I'm connected where before that was impossible."

HughesNet Brings 'Dead Zone' to Live on the North Carolina Coast 

Carla and Tony enjoy the laid-back pace of life in the Albemarle region, and their property offers them the space they need for two of their passions: gardening and caring for five farm cats and a dog. Although their land is fairly secluded, HughesNet satellite Internet service enables them to shop, Web surf, and attend online auctions. 

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