7 Reasons Why Hughesnet Remains The Top-rated Satellite Internet Provider

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Terrestrial internet infrastructure focuses on urban areas and often does not extend to rural or remote locations. The result is a vast digital divide, with some people denied access to the internet. The best satellite internet options like Hughesnet® help close that gap and connect people who live beyond the reach of cable and fiber-based internet providers. Here’s why Hughesnet is a top-rated satellite internet provider.


Why Choose Satellite Internet?

High-speed internet in rural areas is essential, whether you’re relying on it to work or learn from home, stay connected to loved ones, or manage your healthcare and finances. Hughesnet internet plans connect rural and remote areas to the internet without the need for cable or phone line infrastructure. A satellite dish, a modem, and a clear view of the Southern sky are all you need to get online.  

Satellite internet is available across North America and can deliver broadband-level speeds. The best satellite internet is cost-efficient, often provides reliable internet speeds, and allows for quick recovery after natural disasters, as most of the internet provider’s infrastructure is safely in orbit.

Why Choose Satellite Internet Through Hughesnet?

Strong History of Success 

Hughesnet has connected people and enterprises for over 50 years. From its start in the 1970s designing telecommunications products to the invention of satellite internet in 1996, Hughesnet has always stood out as a leader in the satellite industry and remains at the forefront of innovative telecommunications products and services. 

Hughesnet was named the Best Satellite Internet Service Provider of 2024 and one of the Best Internet Service Providers for Rural Areas of 2024 by U.S. News & World Report. The award recognizes what Hughes senior V.P. Peter Gulla calls “our dedication to connecting the unconnected.”

To learn more about Hughes's long history of success, check out The Past, Present, and Future of High-Speed Satellite Internet.


Availability in More Areas

Hughesnet offers internet services where other telecommunications companies don’t, so people beyond the reach of cable and fiber can live where they love and stay connected. Anyone with a clear view of the Southern sky can access high-speed satellite internet. 

Hughesnet is available in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and many Latin American countries. Powered by a fleet of satellites, Hughesnet provides high-speed internet in rural areas at an affordable price. Enter your address here to see plans and pricing where you live.

Fast Speeds

The new Hughesnet is faster than ever with download speeds up to 100 Mbps*.

Unlimited Data

All plans include unlimited data, so you can do more of what you love online.

Whole Home Wi-Fi

New satellite modem featuring Wi-Fi 6 and optional Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes for wall-to-wall coverage. 


Continuous Investment in Innovation

Hughes constantly seeks new ways to expand and innovate satellite internet. As an example of our commitment to continuous innovation, Hughesnet internet uses Video Optimizer, which automatically adjusts data rates and speeds for streaming video to deliver excellent picture quality while using less data. If you're interested, you can discove which apps use the most data

The newest satellite in the Hughesnet fleet, JUPITER™ 3, is not in orbit, bringing Hughesnet customers greater capacity and faster speeds, with service plans offering download speeds between 50 and 100 Mbps.

Trusted by More People

Hughesnet provides high-speed internet to 1.5 million people across North and South America, bringing internet to some of the remotest regions on two continents. We back up our high-speed internet services with excellent Hughesnet customer service and a 24/7 helpline. You can rely on us for satellite internet for rural America.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Why choose satellite internet from Hughes? We can tell you why we think we offer the best satellite internet in the USA, but it’s our customers’ opinions that matter. Check out our Customer Reviews and Testimonials to see why people choose Hughes for high-speed internet in rural areas. 

High-Speed Internet Near Me

At Hughes, we are committed to bringing the best home internet to people who live beyond the reach of cable and phone lines. This commitment is reflected in our past, but more importantly, drives our plans for the future. The choice is easy if you need a high-speed connection where you live. we remain a Top-rated satellite internet provider. Start your satellite internet journey today on our High-Speed Internet Near Me page