How Satellite Internet is Connecting the World

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There are many areas of the country that have trouble finding high-speed internet. In rural areas, cable is frequently not available and DSL and dial-up options are slow. That’s where satellite internet service comes in. Now, satellite internet is not only connecting homeowners and businesses across the country, but also across the world. Satellite service is providing high-speed internet for the home in various places that have no other options available. In this post, we’ll walk through how satellite internet provides options for people outside of the cable footprint.

The Opportunities Satellite Internet Provides

Satellite internet is uniquely optimized for providing internet for rural areas. Unlike cable service, which relies on wires that must stretch from major cities or developed areas, satellite internet can function anywhere with a clear view of the southern sky. Set up simply involves connecting a satellite dish on the ground with a signal from a satellite in orbit around the earth, so customers in rural areas can receive high-speed internet for the home even in the most remote areas.

Places that Satellite Service is Making a Difference

Military Use: Satellite service has been used by the military for many years because of easy set up and take down in tactical areas. In this way, the military does not have to rely on existing infrastructure in the field, and can operate as a closed unit with all utilities and communications.

Disaster Areas: Satellite internet can also be set up and used in places in which physical cable and telephone infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. One example is Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. In the wake of the storm, satellite internet service was used to help coordinate rebuilding efforts on the island.

Connecting the World: Other places where home satellite internet is gaining traction include Central and South America and India, where diverse challenges have made it impossible or impractical to extend wired infrastructure needed for High-speed internet in rural areas.

Transportation: The nature of satellite service also makes it applicable for different types of transportation such as railways and airplanes, many of which use it to provide internet service for their customers. For more on internet-airline connectivity, please see our post here.

Why Satellite Internet is Right for You Too

As far as rural internet providers go, Satellite internet is the best option. It is many times faster than dial-up and doesn’t experience the same reliability issues as DSL. Check out our post about internet for Rural Areas to learn more.