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Renting Out Your Home? Consider the Wi-Fi

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Though hotels have seen a drop off in bookings, home rentals have increased in the latter half of the year. If you rent out your home – or are thinking of doing so in the future – there is an important feature you need to consider – a strong Wi-Fi connection.

In recent years, guests of AirBnBs and other rental services have come to expect a strong Wi-Fi connection. This has become increasingly true recently due to the pandemic, with more guests looking to work and stream remotely while staying in a vacation rental. Here are a few ways you can provide the service guests prefer when it comes to high-speed Internet service for a short-term stay.

Find high-speed Internet providers

Some homes have many options when it comes to high-speed Internet providers. For high-speed Internet service outside of cable’s reach, your best bet might be satellite Internet. Though many more remote residences and second homes might be out of the reach of cable and DSL, there are still options for high-speed Internet.

Satellite Internet is high-speed Internet that is available from anywhere, so it might be the best option for a remote cabin, lake house, beach house or even your primary residence if it’s a little more remote.

Optimize the position of the router in the house

To best optimize the performance of the Wi-Fi performance, make sure that the router is optimally positioned in the house. The router should be in a central location to the house with the least blockage by walls and appliances.

Take security measures to protect you and your guests

Create a guest network: Create a guest network so that guests aren’t logging into your main Wi-Fi network. Name this guest network something easy to remember to make connecting easier for your guests. The password for this network should be completely different from the one for your home network. Something strong but simple will ensure both security and ease of connectivity for your guests. It is also a best practice to change the password between guests.  

Keep security up to date: You can ensure security by updating the router technology often and installing all available patches for the router technology.

Set data and privacy rules: If your provider has data limits, you’ll want to make sure your guests know. In addition, you can set restrictions on the types of sites your guests can visit for security purposes.

With more guests expecting to be connected during their stay (due to communication, remote work, etc.), high-speed Internet connection is critical.  You ensure that they have the best and safest stay by optimizing the Wi-Fi and securing it for all guests.

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