Why Millions of Americans Use Satellite Internet

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America is a country of wide-open spaces, built on the opportunity for everyone to find their own place. That is why so many in the United States rely on high-speed satellite internet service to connect. Satellite internet allows Americans to live where they love, instead of relying on extensions to cable, Fiber or DSL service that could take years to extend internet for rural areas. Here’s why millions of Americans use satellite internet to connect.

Internet for Rural Areas

Unlike terrestrial, cable-based internet service providers such as cable or fiber that need a critical mass of people to justify the cost of establishing a connection, satellite internet is available in almost any terrain and far from city hubs. Cable companies don’t invest in infrastructure for communities that are too removed from the main population centers. And when they do extend their service reach, their current customers subsidize those costs. With satellite internet, the sky is the limit when it comes to where you want to live – and you won’t be subsidizing your internet provider’s expansion to other customers.

Another great aspect of satellite internet is that it’s available not just in rural areas around one country, but also in areas around the world that haven’t had investment from traditional terrestrial cable companies. High-speed satellite internet is connecting not just those in rural areas in America, but connecting the world.

High-speed Satellite Internet

Not only is satellite internet available anywhere – it is also a truly high-speed option for broadband. High-speed satellite internet doesn’t have the distance constraints of DSL or the slow speeds of dial-up. It is also more cost-effective than connecting using cellular data.

The Importance of Connecting Communities

The advantages that the internet provides small communities are truly endless. Not only does a broadband connection improve communication between those communities, but it can also help communities be healthier and have more opportunities for continuing education and distance learning. Communities with high-speed internet service can also encourage more economic growth.

Why are millions of Americans choosing satellite Internet? To extend their world beyond just the physical boundaries of where they live. There's never been a better time to start connecting via high-speed Satellite Internet. You can read more about how Internet in rural areas helps improve communities by checking out our recent post.