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The new Hughesnet® home internet plans come with our fastest speeds ever, unlimited data* and Wi-Fi 6 so you can do more of what you love online. We offer home internet options for all types of users. Our residential satellite internet plans have the speed you need for reliable streaming service, music, and games while keeping you connected in rural locations. 

The Hughesnet Elite plan provides reliable, high-speed home satellite internet with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps**.  Ideal for streaming, accessing educational resources, and video conferencing, the Elite plan offers residential home internet you can rely on. Alternatively, you could choose our exclusive Hughesnet Fusion® plan, which combines satellite and wireless technologies for reduced latency and a more responsive internet experience.

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Speed up to 100 Mbps**

Plans below $100/mo.


Save $25/mo.

for 12 months


More reliability

Unique combination of satellite and wireless technologies



Powered by the largest commercial communications satellite


Whole Home Wi-Fi + Wi-Fi 6


Unlimited data*


Frequently Asked Questions about Hughesnet Home Internet Plans

Some people may be hesitant to subscribe to satellite internet because of myths they've heard – or because they are unaware of the convenience and quality offered by high-speed satellite internet providers. 

Myth #1 – Satellite internet service providers don't reach rural areas. 

Hughesnet offers satellite internet everywhere in the contiguous United States, including rural areas. Hughesnet is a reliable satellite internet provider that supplies high-speed internet service in areas where there is slow or no high-speed options. 

Myth #2 – Satellite internet does not work for online gaming. 

Online games where you take turns, such as casino or chess, turned-based role-playing games and Facebook games work well with all plans. Only Hughesnet offers Fusion plans that combine satellite and wireless technologies for a low-latency, more responsive internet experience so you can enjoy online gaming in your home. 

Myth #3 – The satellite dish must be attached to a roof. 

Although 97% of the time satellite antennas are attached to the roof of a home, satellite internet service providers don't always require it. A certified Hughesnet installer is able to determine the best location on (or near) your residence where the satellite dish should be mounted. 

Myth #4 – When it is cloudy, satellite internet doesn't work. 

Your satellite internet connection is not affected by most clouds. Satellite internet from Hughesnet is only affected by weather in extreme circumstances such as heavy storms or unusually dense clouds. If you have difficulties with your service, contact Hughesnet Customer Care and Technical Support staff.

A suite of plans are available to meet your needs and your budget. All plans offer fast speeds so now you can do it all with varying amounts of data based on your needs.  If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, you can visit our Buyer’s Guide or a sales representative can recommend a plan that works for you. We recommend that you choose the higher plan since people often underestimate their data.

With satellite internet, requests travel a long distance from your device to a satellite and back. This distance causes a slight delay known as latency. This delay doesn’t impact most online activities but is noticeable when watching videos, browsing content-rich sites and video conferencing. Low-latency is when there is less lag or buffering when sending latency sensitive requests. Hughesnet Fusion home internet plans combine satellite and wireless technologies for a low-latency internet experience, so you can stream video and enjoy smooth video-conferencing, with less buffering.

Our exclusive Fusion plan that combines satellite and wireless technologies is great for working from home to provide you with a low-latency, reliable connection for time-sensitive applications, like video-conferencing.

In most cases, the necessary equipment is installed within five days of purchasing your service. Most customers have the opportunity to schedule an installation date at time of order, or you will be contacted within three days to schedule an appointment. 

Installation typically takes 2-3 hours. Please note that you must be onsite for installation. 

Learn more about satellite internet installation.

ACH payment is direct payment from your bank account (checking/savings) to automatically pay your Internet bill each month. ACH direct payments are electronic money transfers processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.

After installation visit to update your payment method to ACH (direct payment from your bank account). Enroll in ACH before our 2nd billing cycle (and maintain this as your recurring payment method) to get $5/month savings on your monthly service.

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*Standard Data may be slower than other traffic during high-traffic periods.

**Each Hughesnet service plan is designed to deliver the download/upload speeds assigned to that specific plan, however, speeds and uninterrupted use are not guaranteed and may vary based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to the number of concurrent network users. Your Hughesnet experience will vary based on your proximity to the Wi-Fi source.

Save $25 per month for 12 months. After 12 months, plans revert to the standard monthly fee. Certain geographical areas are not eligible to receive offer. New subscribers only. Other terms may apply. Limited-time offer.