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3 Ways to Give Back this Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

With the holiday season almost upon us, it’s easy to get wrapped up in spending time with loved ones, catching the best Black Friday deals, and watching your favorite holiday movies. For many, the holidays are also a time to be thankful and show gratitude.

To that end, Giving Tuesday is a holiday centered around giving back and the idea that no act of generosity is too small. Created in 2012, the holiday always takes place on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which falls on November 30 in 2021. Read on to learn three ways anyone can participate in Giving Tuesday this year. 

Offer Kindness

Studies have shown that random acts of kindness are contagious. When we show kindness, we not only have a positive effect on those around us, but also on our own mental and physical health. Researchers have concluded that those who believe others are generous become more generous themselves; in other words, kindness is contagious. 

This November 30, treat someone to coffee, stop to have a meaningful conversation in the middle of your busy day or simply offer your neighbor a smile. A little bit can go a long way!

Donate Time

There are many ways you can volunteer your time to give back to those around you – even a short amount of time can make a big impact. You can volunteer virtually or in person, advocate for a meaningful social cause or participate in a local fundraiser in your community that needs a helping hand. 

Try searching “volunteer opportunities near me” to find out how you can give back in your community.

Contribute Money

If you’re struggling to find time during the busy holiday season to volunteer, keep your favorite charity in mind when making your gift list. While charities can use your support year-round, Giving Tuesday is a great time to give back to a cause that matters to you. 

If you don’t have a favorite charity, you can use Charity Navigator to research reputable charities, learn about highly rated organizations working to help those in need, and read tips for donors. 

There are many ways you can join the global generosity movement and give back this holiday season. Giving Tuesday is a day to embrace kindness and spread holiday cheer beyond your immediate circle of family and friends and give back to the community. 

Whether you donate to a charity, volunteer some of your time or even just offer a smile, no action is too small!

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