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4 Types of Apps to Help Keep Track of Your Child’s Health

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For many families, back to school season also means the start of cold and flu season. As temperatures are starting to cool and there are more ways for kids to get sick, you can get ahead of the season by tracking your child’s health and wellness. Head off any potential illness before it starts by using one of these types of apps for your child.

1.  Health Trackers for Babies

Health tracking is even more helpful with new babies as it can help you track the multiple health milestones, sleep, and important check-ups and vaccinations that are vital for a child’s first 2 years. Here are some great baby health trackers that you can use to capture not only health data, but also make memories along the way.

Baby Bundle: Baby Bundle provides tracking for everything you may need for the first 2 years of your baby’s life, including the ability to track food, sleep, diaper changes, growth, act as a baby monitor, and also answer any questions about common ailments you might have.

Baby Connect: Another app with many functions, Baby Connect can be considered the most in depth of all baby trackers. The app includes trackers for bottle feeding, nursing, solid foods, pumping, diapers and sleep. It also includes trackers for any medications you or your baby is taking, doctors visits and scheduled immunizations. The app creates graphs of elements of your baby’s health such as growth that you can export and email as well.

Eat Sleep: Those looking for a more simplified tracker should consider Eat Sleep. This app allows you to record the sleeping, eating and diaper habits of your baby and view trends over days, months and weeks. This way, if something is off, the app can alert you and you can recognize anomalies in your baby’s health data faster.

2. Kids’ Health Trackers

Health tracking doesn’t have to stop when your children start to grow up. In fact, health trackers can help you keep everything straight when it comes to doctor appointments, medications, and allergies for your family. They can also help you track your child’s growth patterns.

Kids’ Wellness Tracker: The makers of Tylenol have an app that can help you track the height, weight, and BMI of your kids. The app creates health and growth reports for you so you can track on your own or show to your child’s doctor. In addition, the app includes a medicine and symptom tracker, so you can determine the right way to help your kids feel better when they’re under the weather.

Child Health Tracker: In this health tracker, you can save health information for multiple kids, vaccination schedules, health schedules, and record any medications given to your children the moment you give them. The app also has guidance on milestones and parent handouts on frequently asked health questions from parents.  

3. Medical Advice Apps

Should you call the doctor for a bee sting or a certain type of cough? These medical advice apps can help put your mind at ease with advice for common children’s ailments or other health concerns.

KidsDoc: The American Academy of Pediatrics created this app to answer small medical advice questions about your kids. You can input symptoms and receive advice about common ailments such as bee stings or colds. You can find information about the level of care and recommended treatments to put your mind at ease. 

Doctor on Demand: More than just an app, this website and app allows you to chat on instant video with a with a board-certified physician.  For those questions about your child that you feel warrant an opinion from a doctor, this is an easy way to get a professional opinion in a hurry and without leaving the house. The first consultation is free and each “visit” after that is $40 (but can be covered by some insurance plans).

4. Medical Devices

TempTraq: With TempTraq, gone are the days of waking up sick children to take their temperatures. This wireless wearable thermometer can track your kids’ temperatures while they sleep and warn you when temperatures rise.

With so many different medications, allergies, doctor’s appointments, and health milestones to keep track of, it can be difficult to keep everything straight, especially if you have young kids or multiple children. These are just a few apps that can help you so you can worry a little bit less about cold and flu season and focus on enjoying the start of sweater weather.

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