4 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Prepare for Success this Year

Chalk and schoolbooks image

Summer has ended and we’re celebrating National School Success Month in September. There are some great ways that kids can prepare for the new school year and take steps toward making this year a successful one. If you encourage these behaviors at the beginning of the school year, you can help ensure that your kids have established healthy habits before midterms and projects roll around. Here are four quick tips to help your kids prepare.

1.   Encourage reading

Reading improves a child’s ability to succeed across all subjects. One way to encourage your kids to read and to enjoy reading is to read together. Have your kids read to you or vice versa. You can also encourage them to ask questions about the characters and plot to nurture curiosity and comprehension. Another simple trick is to set an example. If your children see you enjoying reading – even if you just regularly read the newspaper, it can help encourage them to enjoy reading as well.

2.   Reset sleeping patterns

Consistency is the key to success, and this truth applies to routines and study habits. Setting and sticking to a bed and wake-up time that’s in line with what they can expect during the school year will help form a healthy habit. Plus, getting a good night’s rest is paramount to learning retention.

3.   From summer activities to after-school activities

If your children have been interested in any activities or camps over the summer, it is a great idea to encourage them to continue to pursue those interests throughout the school year. Find out what kinds of clubs and activities your child’s school offers and encourage their involvement. A great incentive? The opportunity to make new friends along the way. Plus, extracurricular activities have benefits that extend beyond the classroom.

4.   Set an example

As parents, you are the first role model for the ideal behaviors that you’d like to see in your child by setting excellent examples for your children. Reading, following a regular sleep schedule and scheduling activities are just a few examples. There are countless things that parents can do to help students prepare for the change of pace that comes with the start of a new school year.

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