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5 Apps that Allow You to Give Back in Person or Online

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Technology has grown so much over the past few years that it is easy to forget that they can  be a great tool to help others. To celebrate International Day of Charity, we’re walking through a few apps that can help you give to others.

Good Places to Donate

Charity Miles

If you frequently enjoy a nice walk in the park with your friends or a heart-pumping bike ride, but you still want to squeeze in time to contribute to charity, Charity Miles can help. This app allows you to log any kind of movement (such as steps or bike rides) as effort towards the charity of your choice. Earn money for your charity with every mile you move. The app has a donation pool raised from sponsors that splits the donations across a preselected set of charities based on which one gets the most miles logged from its supporters. By using the app, you can get fit, donate money to charity and have a great time doing both.


This free app aims to address the global homelessness epidemic. The app helps fund housing through donations from corporate sponsors after users see someone in need and inform the app. The donation that gets unlocked is then directed to a local nonprofit that will assist the individual noted through the app.


FoodCircles can help get food to kids in need. This app can help contribute a full day’s worth of meals to a child. On it, you can find restaurant vouchers that donate 100 percent of your meal’s value towards feeding a child. Use this app to make a night out with your family help another.

Great Places to Volunteer


If you want to volunteer with a local nonprofit, but don’t know where to start, GiveGab is a perfect website and app for you. On the site, you can create a profile and input your interests and then search for volunteer opportunities in your area. Interested in helping animals? You can filter by local SPCAs. Into running for a cause? Search local 5ks or other events. With more than 400,000 nonprofits in the database, you’re bound to find one that fits you. GiveGab also brings a social element to the volunteering world by allowing you to log and publish volunteer hours and post pictures of your service on the apps newsfeed.

If you’re looking to contribute to the American great outdoors, you should look into Partnering with organizations like the National Park Service and the Forest Service, this site allows you to find volunteer work that contributes to America’s natural and cultural resources. You can find opportunities by location, keyword, and agency in your state.

Volunteer Match

Though it doesn’t have an app component, Volunteer Match is another great way to find opportunities to give. The site allows you to search by your location (or find virtual opportunities) and also filter by your interests (such as arts and culture or education). The webiste has details and allows you to sign up for volunteer events and share with your social channels to get your friends to sign up too.

It can sometimes be tough to find ways to either get involved or donate. These apps can help you do both. Whether you have just a little time to give or you have a lot of time there is something for everyone.

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