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5 Kitchen Technologies to Make Preparing Your Thanksgiving Meal Easy

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Thanksgiving is a time when we show how grateful we are for what we have. For many households, this gratitude is represented by a bountiful table filled with a large variety of delicious foods. As kitchen technologies have progressed, more and more Americans are using technology to help their meal prep. We’ve listed a few of our favorites for your Thanksgiving meal preparation.

1. Wireless Thermometer

Smart thermometers like the Meater wireless smart thermometer make it easy to monitor your food without opening the oven. Through an app on your smartphone, you can even get tips on how long you should roast certain meats and factor in the time to let your meat rest.

2. Wi-Fi Enabled Crock Pot

Slow cookers are great for making a big meal for Turkey day, but sometimes they can be unreliable or you can be so busy in the kitchen that they overcook meals. With the Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo from Crock-Pot, you can schedule your exact cook time, monitor the progress on your phone, modify the temperature from your smartphone app and even get notifications when your food is done cooking and your crock-pot automatically switches to warm

3. Smartphone Connected Scale

Drop Scale, a smart scale that connects to an app, can make it so that you never have to use another measuring cup again. The scale can also quickly adjust your recipes so you can make more or less depending on the size of your Thanksgiving party. It can also provide ingredient substitution recommendations if you need them. The Drop scale is also non-slip and heat resistant, so it can handle all ingredients and measure them accurately.

4. Smart Utensils

The Hapifork might not help you with food preparation, but it can help ensure that you feel better after you eat your meal.  This fork is Wi-Fi connected and tracks how much you’re eating and how quickly. It even vibrates to remind you to slow down. It can help you to feel your best even after the turkey and stuffing this year.

5. App-Connected Food Storage

The average family wastes about 1300 lbs of food a year, and that can certainly be true on Thanksgiving. Save all of your leftovers better and smarter with Vacuvita. This vacuum system comes with separate containers to store your food. They even each have their own UB code, so you can track what is in these containers and send yourself alerts before your food expires, all without breaking the vacuum seal.

We all have our traditions when making food for Thanksgiving Day. No matter how high-tech your holiday, we hope you enjoy it!

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