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5 Tech Innovations from 2018 Almost as Cool as in the Movies

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May the fourth be with you. It’s May 4th, and that means it’s Star Wars Day. As current Sci Fi movies explore cool new technologies, we’re looking at some real-life technology debuts that aren’t light years away. Many of the technologies debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) are almost as cool as in the movies.  

Robot Companions

While we’re not quite to the point yet that functional droids are walking among us, we do have a number of cool robots in the works.

Root: Need to hone your coding skills? You can do just that with Root, a robot that teaches its owner how to code. Not only does this robot teach beginners about coding loops and functionality, it also has the capability to teach full-text coding languages such as Python, JavaScript and Swift.

Ubtech Walker Biped: This Biped billed as a full-service home butler that can quietly patrol your house for security concerns, keep track of your schedules, and even descend stairs quickly and discreetly. The Biped is designed to be stable on two feet, and when it does fall, it is designed to fall away from other objects.

Forward CX-1 Suitcase: Got a close connection and have to run to the gate? Don’t worry: the CX-1, a hard-shell suitcase that follows you through the airport, can follow you at speeds of up to 7 miles per hour. It also has a 180-degree camera with obstacle avoidance, so it can follow you even when the airport is at its busiest.

Space-age Transportation

Although the average consumer might not be flying through the stars any time soon, we do have some pretty innovative transportation technology in the works in 2018.

Electron Wheel: We even have technology that can make a non-motorized piece of machinery motorized. The Electron Wheel, for example, which debuted at CES can fit onto any bike to turn it into an E-bike. The wheel can be set to provide uphill motor assist and even give turn by turn navigation to the bike rider.

Intel Volocopter: If you’re thinking of flying space craft, the Intel Volocopter is the closest thing we have (and it is not yet approved by the Federal Aviation Administration). The Volocopter is an autonomous passenger drone. Though it is smaller than a helicopter, it is still pretty large to be zipping around the sky. Don’t expect these to replace cars any time soon

Toyota e-Palette: Toyota debuted a modular concept car this year at CES that looks a lot some of the transporters you see in movies. These e-Palettes, when released, will be autonomous and probably used for a variety of purposes such as delivery and ride sharing.


Pretty soon, we may be able to project holograms that interact with one another. One of the walls at CES this year displayed a wall of holographic projectors that worked together to show huge holographic moving images, from HYPERVYSN. We could be seeing more of these in our everyday lives very soon.

Cool Tech Not seen in the movies

Linksquare: Linksquare’s spectrometer scanner allows you to know the composition of anything from food to medications to luxury goods.

Kolibree Magik Smart Toothbrush: The augmented reality toothbrush from Kolibree allows kids (and adults) to fight monsters and play games with their toothbrush while getting their teeth squeaky clean. Cameras in the toothbrush record your movement, which is then incorporated onto a game on your phone.

Kohler DTV+ Showering System and Kohler PerfectFill Bathtub: These technologies, all part of the Kohler Konnect system, are voice activated and specifically designed to give you the perfect bathroom experience. The shower has cultivated “spa experiences” that include music, aroma, and just the right temperatures and pressure. The bathtub can be filled on voice command to the exact right level and temperature.

Though we may not live in an age of everyday space travel and technologies, we do have practical innovations in 2018 that are actually pretty cool. We look forward to each new movie’s technologies and to seeing versions of them for our practical use in the future!

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