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All Things Automotive with HughesNet

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The pandemic has had a huge impact on how auto enthusiasts pursue their favorite hobby. As a result, vehicle inventory is at an all-time low while parts are rising in price. Nevertheless, hobbyists are still finding creative ways to work on cars. 

In a recent survey of HughesNet customers, 10% of respondents chose automotive-related activities among their top hobbies. For all the car fanatics and automobile experts, here is a list of online resources you may find helpful as you continue to pursue your hobby. 

  • Get under the hood: YouTube channels like “Engineering Explained” do a great job tackling basic car mechanics. You can also listen to old episodes of NPR’s “Car Talk” podcast to hear two entertaining mechanics offer listeners advice on how to solve all their car maintenance woes. 
  • Locate a mechanic: When a job may be out of your realm of expertise or abilities, RepairPal and YourMechanic are sites that help find local repair shops and car repair person that can assist in restorations, rehabs or vehicle adjustments. YourMechanic goes one step further and even brings the mechanic right to you!
  • Find inspiration: An online community is a great way to find like-minded car enthusiasts who are just as passionate about all things automotive. Pages like Petrolicious celebrate the inventions, personalities and the aesthetics of classic cars.
  • Hunt for low gas prices: What’s the point of a souped-up ride if you aren’t hitting the road to show it off? As gas prices continue to rise, apps like GasBuddy and Waze ensure drivers find the best deal at local gas stations, with options to filter by brand, gas type, distance, and price.
  • Buy or sell a car: For those HughesNet customers that love to move from project to project, car dealers like Carvana, CarMax, or Vroom allow drivers to buy their car online versus going the traditional dealer route. They’re competitively priced, allow buyers to complete tedious paperwork beforehand and offer convenient home drop-off. Always check out Kelly Blue Book as well to confirm you’re getting the best price. 
  • Winterize a car: Don't forget about winter car prep as we head into the cooler months. AAA and Autotrader offer handy checklists that ensure your tires, fluids, battery and emergency roadside kit can handle any storm.

The evolution of the auto industry post-pandemic relies on Internet connectivity, as car manufacturers employ a combination of digital and physical elements at every point of a car’s lifecycle, from purchase to repair. Seventy-six percent of our HughesNet survey respondents agree that Internet connectivity is essential for pursuing their passions and that will ring true for our auto fans now more than ever. 

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