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The Best Digital Valentine Gifts for Loved Ones Far Away

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Whether celebrated in person or from afar, Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved ones how much you care. The past two years have proven that there are many creative ways to celebrate holidays and make someone feel special, even when you can’t physically be together. Here are some digital gift ideas for anyone in your life, no matter the distance.


  • Storyworth is the perfect digital gift to preserve memories in writing. Once a week, you’ll select a question for your loved one to answer via email.  At the end of the year, all of the responses are collected and bound into a beautiful keepsake book filled with stories and memories. It is the perfect way to grow closer to and discover new things about the people that matter most.

Virtual Cooking Class

  • Nothing brings people together like a well-prepared meal. This Valentine’s Day, a virtual cooking class can teach you new skills and allow you to spend time doing something unique with the person you care about. Check out this article for a variety of online cooking classes from which to choose. From Italian food to Texas-style barbeque, there is something for everyone.

Virtual Wine Tasting

  • If long distance Facetime calls and coordinated movie nights are not enough, try a virtual wine tasting hosted by wine connoisseurs. Visit this list of popular virtual wine tasting hosted by vineyards across the nation. Once you have selected a wine that suits your taste, pair this activity with a cheese board and give the gift of an evening at a vineyard to a special someone. 

“Code Your Communication” Bracelet 

  • If you are looking for a creative way for the young person in your life to show appreciation for a friend or a relative they have not seen in a long time, the “Code Your Communication” bracelet is a great gift. In this activity, you create a special message using binary code that will be translated into beads on a bracelet. Simply spell out whatever you would like, translate the letters into code, and assign each digit in the message a colored bead. The result is a personalized bracelet to send to someone special.

If you can’t spend Valentine’s Day together, getting creative with a digital gift is the perfect solution to show love ones you care about them no matter the distance.

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