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The Best Tech Gifts of the Season

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Do you have someone on your gift list this season who has a unique passion or hobby? This year, find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We’ve compiled a list of the best tech gifts for those in your life who love to read, drive, fish, or play sports. Check it out to get everyone on your list this year up to date on the latest technology.

Book lovers

Do you have that one person in your family or friend group who loves to read every night? Believe it or not, there are some pretty cool tools out there for the tech-savvy readers on your list.

First is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which is the electronic reader that comes the closest to looking and feeling like an actual book. While these e-readers may not allow one to turn paper pages, they are great for travel. This way, your friend or family member won’t have to bring a whole library with them when moving from place to place.

If your friends or family members absolutely refuse to switch over from paper books, there is still technology out there that can enhance their reading experience. Know anyone who highlights or underlines their books but then has trouble finding their favorite passages later? The pen-sized scanner from Hammacher Schlemmer is the perfect gift. With it, you can scan your favorite passage, save it for later on the computer, and even print it out for further enjoyment.  

Car enthusiasts

If you have a car enthusiast on your list, we have the perfect tech products for them this year. No matter the variety of cars your loved one admires, here are some gifts that can help them make the most of the season.

The perpetual question of drivers everywhere—“where are my car keys?”—can now be answered with the touch of a button with the Tile Mate Key Finder. Whether they’re the keys to your current model muscle car or a vintage convertible, all car lovers can benefit from knowing where their keys are at all times.

Know vintage car lovers who also have a particular taste in music? Help them elevate their choice in driving tunes by getting them the ION Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter. For cars old enough to still have cassette players, this device can hook up your phone and play the music on it through any car’s speakers.

If you have someone on your list who not only loves the car, but also has an appreciation for scenic drives or adventure sports? Help them record their most scenic drives or coolest off-roading experiences with the Waylens Horizon Driving Camera. Described as the “go-pro for your car,” this great camera can help your friends remember their best drives while remaining hands free and safe.

To keep your friends prepared for anything on the road, get them the Black + Decker BDINF20 20-Volt Cordless Inflator. This machine helps fill your car’s tires, and its multiple pressure settings also allow it to fill bike tires and other inflatable objects.

Fishermen and women

There are tech gifts for even the most classic of hobbies:  fishing! Technology can help on all parts of a fishing trip, from finding the fish, to preparing your catch, and even alerting you when you’ve got a bite on your line.

Though many fishermen already have favorite spots, there’s no harm in adding to that list. The Deeper Smart Sonar Fish Finder can help you find that perfect cove for your next catch.

Help your friends enjoy their time on the lake or river more by giving them an Electronic Fishing Bite Alarm. That way, they can relax by putting their rod in a holder knowing that they won’t miss any bites on their line.

After they make their catch, they can prepare the fish with ease using the SKINZIT electric fish skinner, which is perfect for fighting through sharp, pesky scales. You could also get the Mango Spot LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale to help your friend measure each catch.  


Got a young niece or nephew who is trying to improve their game? Technology can make you the best gift giver to athletes of any age.

Wilson X connected balls (currently available in the Wilson X Connected Football and the Wilson X Connected Basketball) help to analyze all aspects of your game and help you get better on the field or on the court. The basketball also has a game mode and can act as a timer for games or shootouts.

For those looking to improve their game on the links, gift the Arccos 360 Driver tracking system. It can offer pointers for how to drive straighter and farther—like having a personal trainer on the course with you.

When it comes to giving this season, you can use tech to go beyond the expected. Instead of another set of driving gloves, the car enthusiast in your life might love how a key finder helps them get on the road faster. Instead of tees or golf balls, give the golf lover the gift of a better swing. You won't regret giving these unique and useful gifts this year. 

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