The Best Weather Apps to Stay Updated on Winter Storms

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When it comes to weather apps, many are content with the default application loaded onto smartphones. However, there are so many great websites and mobile apps that can give you the accurate information you need and provide you with a better overall experience. If you are interested in more in-depth weather information for event planning, outdoor hobbies, or just planning your day, you should check out these great apps.

More In-Depth Information

Sometimes, you just want the most up-to-date information you can get about what weather is headed your way. These apps can each help in their own way:

NOAA Radar Pro:  This app isn’t actually run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), but by Apalon using the radar that NOAA provides. You can access real-time radar and receive weather notifications to your phone knowing that you’re using technology backed by the US government. 

Dark Sky (iPhone and Android):  For the more visually inclined, Dark Sky provides uniquely-designed radar maps and charts. It also can provide very accurate local weather forecasting. The app provides a minute-to-minute for the next hour and hour-to-hour forecasts for the next 7 days. 

AccuWeather (iPhone and Android):  If minute-by-minute forecasts are most important to you, you should check out AccuWeather. This app forecasts minute-by-minute for up to 2 hours as well as hourly forecasts for up to 72 hours. This app can integrate weather alerts with your calendar, so you’ll always be prepared for what’s ahead.

RadarScope (iPhone and Android):  If all you care about is precipitation and storms (say you’re at your child’s baseball game and need to know about lightning), you can try radarscope. This app is solely radar, but it is highly detailed and refreshes every 6 minutes. If radar really matters to you (maybe you’re an outdoor enthusiast, sports fan, or wedding photographer), it could be a great tool.  

The Weather Underground (iPhone and Android):  Do your weather reports never seem quite right? It might be because your weather app isn’t receiving the most local data. In contrast, the Weather Underground provides hyperlocal weather reports based on a network of 30,000 local weather stations (personal and amateur) nationwide. You can receive weather alerts, reports, and forecasts for up to 10 days with the confidence that you’re receiving the most accurate data possible for your area.

Cool art and experience

In contrast to weather apps that include more information, there are others that provide a more interesting visual experience. Take a look at some of these weather apps, and they might brighten your day (even when they forecast rain).

YoWindow (Android):  Sometimes it’s not enough for you to simply get the weather forecast. If you want to know exactly how your day will look, check out the animations on YoWindow. Though they are basic, they can help you visualize how the weather around you will change throughout the day.

Yahoo! Weather (iPhone and Android):  Yahoo Weather compiles high-quality Flickr photos of your location and uses them as the backdrop for your weather app. The app also overlays the weather that you should expect onto the image and provides in-depth forecasts.

Carrot Weather (iPhone):  Carrot Weather bills itself as “the weather robot with a personality.” If you would like a weather app that offers sarcastic quips along with fun animations and illustrations, choose Carrot Weather.

No matter what style of weather app you prefer, you can stay alert this year. Forecast apps are not just for tracking extreme weather anymore. Check out your weather apps for information before you pack for a trip or before you head out to the big game. With these apps, its easy to insure that your day runs smoothly and sunnily.

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