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The Best Websites for Kids During the Holidays

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Though many of us might experience a thrill of childlike excitement during the holidays, nothing can beat the feeling of being a child when winter comes around. Each year, a wide variety of sites, apps and online experiences pop up, aiming to both educate and entertain kids with holiday cheer. We’ve pulled the best websites for sparking holiday fun in your family this year.

Customized Cheer

One of the biggest trends in holiday websites and apps is personalization. This is a way for kids to immerse themselves in the holiday in a funny, interesting or educational way.

JibJab Holidays

JibJab has been an extremely popular site among kids and parents alike for several years now. The site, which lets you put your face or those of family members into funny and cheerful dancing videos, is probably most popular for its holiday videos. You can jam out to fun videos like the Macareindeer, the snowman scurry, or the Menorah Hora – all without actually having to get off the couch to dance yourself.

Elf Yourself

Much like JibJab, Elf Yourself allows you to join in on the fun by adding your face onto characters in holiday-themed videos. See what it’s like to join Santa’s Elves in celebration of the year by watching funny videos featuring yourself. Unlike JibJab, which has mostly animated videos, Elf Yourself feature live-action elves with some impressive moves. Impress everyone by showing off an elf version of yourself or your kids breakdancing like a pro!

Portable North Pole

Parents, you’ll need to get in on this one. With Portable North Pole, you can have Santa send a personalized video message to your kids. With the premium video service, you can have Santa mention their name and what they want this year. He can even let them know why they’re on the nice list.

Reindeer Cam

Santa’s Reindeer Cam provides a live feed of his trusty pals throughout the season. Sometimes even Santa makes an appearance among the stalls. Have your kids watch as Dasher and Dancer prepare for their big flight. Your kids might even see Santa read out their names to the reindeer to get them excited for their big night!

Games Galore

Many kids play games online, but now there are several online games that can remind kids of the season while they play. Some even create fun ways for you to interact with your kids offline. The Toymaker, for example, provides printable templates for parents to cut out and create together, along with games that the children may play with their homemade toys on their own. Other great holiday game sites include:

Highlights Kids

Highlights is always a great place to do for fun and informative kids games. The site is kid-friendly and fun, with lots of puzzles, games, craft ideas and more to get your kids into the holiday spirit. Although the site is great for kids, it can also be helpful for you to find fun holiday crafts to do with your kids over winter break.

Catch the Sufgania

This app is just plain fun for all ages. With it, move the plate to catch the Chanukah donuts before they fall to the floor! Download for your kids to not only have fun (and get hungry), but also to learn more about the holiday and why certain foods are celebrated.

These apps and websites not only provide kids with entertainment over the holidays. They can also provide fun ways to interact with your kids during winter break. Find a little cheer for yourself and set your family up for a great new year in the process by checking a few of these out and getting into the Holiday spirit.

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