Check Out the 4-H Wisconsin Camp DOTS Curriculum

Image of 4-H students participating at camp

The Digital Observation Technology Skills (DOTS) program is an innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program designed to utilize mobile digital technologies in experiential environmental education.

A program developed by Dr. Justin Hougham at Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center in Wisconsin Dells, WI, DOTS is an engaging way to explore the natural world using innovative and exciting technology tools. The DOTS kits and curriculum provide unique, hands-on opportunities for students to study and explore details of their environment, essentially turning the ‘invisible,' visible.

The program was developed to engage learners of all ages and to help bridge the gap between technology and environment. Students, young and old, are encouraged to make enhanced observations about their surroundings through a unique technological lens, utilizing modern mobile technology tools to connect to the outdoors in new and exciting ways. The inquiry-based curriculum navigates the basics of the scientific method and focuses on the importance of good scientific communication and sharing discoveries with others.



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