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Connecting Rural America One Hobby at a Time: Jewelry Making with Demi D.


More than any other Internet provider, HughesNet connects people in rural places for e-mail, shopping, sharing photos, streaming videos and pursuing their favorite hobbies. We invited customers to share their wonderful and unique hobbies – and maybe even some tips to help you get started. Here we have Demi D. from Texas who loves jewelry design.

What do you enjoy most about making and designing jewelry?

The thing I enjoy most about making jewelry is that there are no rules! You can be infinitely creative in your designs, using whatever semi-precious stones, beads, and findings of all different shapes and colors in a multitude of combinations that result in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

What is the best part of making and designing jewelry?

The best part of making and designing jewelry is knowing how satisfied my customers are with the final product. They ask me to use specific stones, beads or colors that have specific meaning in their piece of jewelry and they allow me to freestyle design the product. Each time they are pleased with how great the piece of jewelry turns out is the ultimate satisfaction for me.

How do you use HughesNet to support your jewelry making?

The Internet provides a limitless amount of possibilities for me to support my business, but more importantly of course is creating a site to market and sell my product, providing access to a great payment system so the clients feel secure making a purchase on the internet, and sharing photos of all available products on a site where the customer can view the products before making a purchase. Most importantly, I use HughesNet to make my company, Essential Accessories, known to as many people as possible.

Dedicated to connecting people in places where wire-line companies won’t, HughesNet connects more people to the hobbies they love than any other satellite Internet service. Learn more about rural American’s favorite pastimes and how they use HughesNet to pursue them, share them and gather inspiration at


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