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Connecting Rural America One Hobby at a Time: Sewing with Martha D.

Sewing with Martha D

More than any other internet provider, HughesNet connects people in rural places for for e-mail, shopping, sharing photos, streaming videos and pursuing their favorite hobbies. We invited customers to share their wonderful and unique hobbies – and maybe even some tips to help you get started. 

Here, we have Martha D. from Mississippi who loves sewing

What is your fondest memory of your hobby?  

Giving a little girl a bunch of outfits I had made, I also gave her a doll.  That was absolutely the best.  

What’s the best part of sewing and clothes making?  

To see someone's face light up and they can't believe I made that!

How do you use HughesNet to support your sewing hobby?  

I use HughesNet to purchase 90% of my fabric online. I sell my outfits online. My internet service is my lifeline!!

Dedicated to connecting people in places where wire-line companies won’t, HughesNet connects more people to the hobbies they love than any other satellite Internet service. Learn more about rural American’s favorite pastimes and how they use HughesNet to pursue them, share them and gather inspiration at

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