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FREE Professional Installation.*


Digital Spring Cleaning to Improve Your Satellite Internet Experience

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve turned to our computers and other Internet-connected devices and are using them in more ways than before. Whether remote working, virtual schooling, or just finding entertainment from home, Americans have used high-speed Internet more this year. This additional use makes a digital spring cleaning and reset important.

Here are some ways that you can organize your digital life, keep your devices running as smoothly as possible, and have the best satellite Internet experience you can in the months to come.

Declutter Your Device and Inbox

Decluttering your inbox and devices of emails and files you don’t use anymore has two main benefits. This practice can help you feel more organized and reduce the stress of growing numbers of emails in your inbox. It can also help improve the security of your files and emails to purge information that you no longer need.

Start with your email inbox. Review and delete any sensitive information from your inbox that you no longer need. The same goes for emails. To prevent buildup in the future, you can unsubscribe from marketing email lists or email newsletters you no longer wish to receive. The fewer emails you have in your account, the more secure it can be.

Don’t forget to take out the trash! Either empty the trash folder or set a rule to automatically do so, so your account isn’t taking up as much space and may load easier. This can help you have a better loading and browsing experience on your email – and ultimately with your satellite Internet.

Deep dive on your device. The same concept of decluttering also applies to files on your device. If there are files that you no longer need, duplicate files, or those with sensitive information, consider deleting them. As your device storage space fills up, the use of the device typically starts to slow down. It can feel like your high-speed Internet is the problem, when in reality your device is just operating slowly because of a lack of hard drive space. Free some up by deleting old files and you can keep operating smoothly again.

Update Devices and Browsers

Another practice with benefits for both security and device functionality is making sure all of your devices have the latest updates. Operating system updates often include necessary security patches that can keep your devices both safe and running smoothly.

At the same time, you can check your Internet browser settings to see if your browser is storing old passwords or data that it shouldn’t. Occasionally, you’ll want to update your browser version as well. Using the most updated version of a browser often gives you the best high-speed Internet browsing experience.

Replace and Organize Your Passwords

With increased Internet use (for school, work or just browsing) can come an increase in the number of passwords you need to remember. While organizing your digital devices, take a second to reset passwords and make sure you’re using a unique password for each site, application or email.

If you need help remembering all these strong, unique passwords, try a password manager like SplashiD or LastPass. These can also help you generate a password that is stronger than one you might have come up with.

Back-up Storage Files

While you’re cleaning out your digital devices of clutter, make sure you save and secure your important files and applications. Experts recommend that you save and backup important files (via an external hard drive or the cloud) weekly, but that might not be reasonable for everyone. As long as you’re updating your computer, devices and files, you should also make sure you’re backing them up.

Dispose of Devices Safely 

If you’re truly in the spring-cleaning spirit and getting rid of physical devices, make sure you take certain steps to do so safely. Before discarding of old devices, make sure you wipe all of your information, stored data and files. There are many reputable services that will buy back devices, but before sending them or throwing them out, make sure they’re back to factory settings and cleared of all of your data.

Our devices are working overtime for us this year, and there are a few things we can do to help them continue to run smoothly to get the best out of the devices and out of our high-speed Internet connections.

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