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Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Travel Plans

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Holiday season is in full swing, and schedules are jam-packed with travel to spend time with family and loved ones. Make the most of your out-of-town trips by using online resources to plan new adventures wherever you travel. The holidays are often filled with cooking, eating and exchanging gifts, but they are also a great opportunity to explore new places and activities where your loved ones live. 

Check out these online resources for a few fun and creative ways to utilize your HughesNet service to take full advantage of your holiday travel!

  • See New Things: With so many options available, be sure to research your favorites and prioritize which are most important to your family. Online travel resources such as Atlas Obscura or Roadside America can help you narrow down your options and plan your trip. Many sites include reviews and tips from other travelers, so you’ll get a great idea of what to expect. 
  • Take in the History: Everyone loves a resident tour guide! Wherever you’re set to travel, chances are there are birth places of famous individuals or historical landmarks to be found. Browse local resources like online libraries, local government sites or the History Here app to learn more about points of interest in your area. 
  • Search for Local Discounts: Membership organizations, such as AARP or AAA, have excellent loyalty programs which offer exclusive discounts and access to tickets for a variety of activities. From cheaper car and hotel rentals to cutting a few dollars off a dinner check, there are bound to be deals that fit your needs. 
  • Ask for Suggestions: If the place you are visiting is new to your group, take to social media to ask your friends or other like-minded individuals for their feedback! Facebook Recommendations and similar social media offerings are great tools for friends to lend suggestions on what to-do (or what not to do!) while traveling to a particular place. There’s nothing better than recommendations from trusted friends and family – all you have to do is ask. 
  • Participate in Local Events: The holidays are a great time to journey to new places, and every city and town offers something special. Between turkey trots, holiday parades, caroling and other local traditions, there is bound to be something for everyone in your group.  To find out where and when you can take part in the festivities, check the calendar listings on the websites of local newspapers or see if there are specific webpages for your destination. 

Holiday travel is a unique opportunity to spend time with loved ones and catch up while making memories through new experiences. No matter where you’re going – or how many times you’ve been – there are always new things to see, do and learn. Before unplugging and spending quality time with those you hold most dear, take some time to browse online and identify exciting things to do this holiday season. Happy holidays, and safe travels! 

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