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Handicraft Time with HughesNet


Handicrafts, such as woodwork, knitting and arts and crafts projects, require a great deal of patience, commitment and dedication. These talents are in abundance among HughesNet customers. In our recent survey on favorite activities, 13% of respondents indicate that there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing with their time than handicrafts. In fact, 23% of respondents also place handicrafts, woodworking and crafting among their top 3 hobbies, while 12% say sewing, knitting, crocheting and needlework are among their top 3 interests.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans took a renewed interest in arts and crafts, with many putting unique spins on some old favorites. Activities that topped many project lists included:

  • Trying Out Tie-Dye: DIY tie-dye kits flew off store shelves as children and adults injected new life into otherwise boring, plain clothes. Spiral patterns featuring bright splashes of color were especially trendy. Take a look at this article by Refinery29 exploring advice from fashion designers on how to get the perfect tie-dye every time.
  • Knack for Knitting: Knitting has taken on somewhat of a cult following in recent years as self-proclaimed “Yarnies” showcase their colorful knit scarves, hats and blankets, with some even taking inspiration from knitwear worn by “Games of Thrones” or “Outlander” characters. Most recently, though, knitting took center stage at the Summer Games, as British diver Tom Daley knitted his way through his gold medal performances. Check out the sweater he knitted between dives here
  • Paint with Diamonds Instead of Paint by Numbers: HughesNet customers report they’ve taken up Diamond Painting or Diamond Art instead of paint by numbers as a new hobby. The end result: beautiful, intricate, stunning works of art.
  • Making Beaded Bracelets: While jewelry making has always been a popular hobby, personalizing trendy beaded bracelets with names, initials, meaningful dates and inspiring words is a pastime on the rise. Learn more about this latest DIY fad in Vox’s recent The Goods’ trend column
  • Refurbishing Furniture: What’s old becomes new again as HughesNet customers have taken up refurbishing discarded furniture as a hobby. With some sanding down, TLC and a fresh coat of paint, these reinvigorated pieces are ready to be resold and find new homes. To get started on your own project, here is a list from The Spruce of the five must-have tools for refurbishing wood furniture.

Many of our HughesNet artisans showcase and sell their one-of-a-kind items on Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook too, turning their hobbies into businesses. An overwhelming amount of handicraft enthusiasts (46%) use special interest websites and social media to nurture their hobbies.

As HughesNet customers tap into their creative sides both on- and off-line, the trending hobbies above offer something for everyone. It may take a little practice but these activities—which can be done solo or in a group setting—are sure to become fast favorites in no time. Perhaps you’ll even be able to turn your pursuits into a business like HughesNet customer Demi D. did when she took her love for jewelry design and started her company, Essential Accessories. Most importantly, though, have fun hobbying!


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