How Satellite Internet is Transforming Rural Areas

Man and elderly woman using laptop with satellite internet

If you live in rural America and want high-speed internet at home, say hello to the new Hughesnet®— this is satellite internet reinvented! Now, you can do it all online, no matter where you live. Stay connected, stream movies, and play your favorite online games.

The Digital Divide in Rural Areas

The digital divide describes the gap between those who have access to the internet and those who do not. In the USA, almost a third of Americans do not have access to broadband internet. 

Fiber optic, cable, and phone line-based internet providers require a physical network to deliver internet to users. In rural areas, there is room for improvement in infrastructure to support internet signals, particularly in remote locations. As a result, many internet service providers prioritize urban areas, leveraging existing infrastructure to expand their services.

Satellite internet for rural areas bridges the digital divide by eliminating the need for local infrastructure. With a satellite dish and a clear view of the southern sky, rural dwellers can connect to the new Hughesnet’s reliable, high-speed internet wherever they live. 


Benefits of Satellite Internet - Revolutionizing Connectivity


Satellite internet is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S. You can get online with the new Hughesnet home internet plans.

High-speed Connectivity

Technological advances, including the launch of Hughesnet’s JUPITER ™ 3  telecommunications satellite, provide satellite internet with high-speed connectivity and reliability. Our new plans offer impressive download speeds, allowing you to stream videos, participate in video conferencing calls, and enjoy the things you love to do.


Hurricanes can leave entire communities without internet of any kind, rendering them isolated from the outside world. Hughesnet provides the necessary infrastructure that allows local governments to remain connected no matter what conditions a natural disaster brings, thanks to our reliable, always-on satellite network.


The Impact of Satellite Internet In Rural Areas

Driving Economic Development

Satellite internet benefits farming communities by providing real-time weather information and access to agricultural management apps, improving crop yields and productivity. 

Increasing Access to Education

Satellite internet for rural areas provides students access to necessary online educational resources. Satellite internet also provides the speed and reliability needed to participate in virtual classrooms and educational video conferences. 

What Is The Best Internet For Rural Areas?

People living in remote locations have several rural internet options. Our new home internet plans offer the speed and reliability you need to take advantage of today’s internet. You can do it all with Hughesnet, your top-rated satellite internet provider!