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How To Use the Internet to Improve Your Productivity

internet productivity

Internet access opens a world of opportunities. Today, an estimated 90.8% of Americans have access to the Internet, and roughly 31% of U.S. adults claim to be online almost constantly. While the Internet provides its fair share of distractions, it also allows us to be productive in our work and daily lives. 

Read on to learn about online tools that can boost your productivity by improving time management, communication and organization. 

Manage your to-do list

High-speed Internet serves as a great resource to access time management tools. 

Todoist provides a platform for you to manage all of your tasks across all of your devices. With features that allow you to set priority levels, reminders and subtasks, and even delegate to others, Todoist is a one-stop shop for tracking your day-to-day tasks. Todoist also offers three pricing tiers, including a free option, so you can choose the service that’s right for you.

With a focus on creativity, TickTick is an organization tool that prioritizes capturing ideas. TickTick allows you to add tasks manually, through voice input, or directly from your email. The tool also integrates with your calendar, so you can manage all of your daily priorities in one place. With both free and paid options, TickTick gives you the flexibility to own your day. 

One of the most unique time management tools is Habitica, which allows you to gamify your to-do list. For those that need a bit of external motivation, this fun, habit-building productivity app treats your life like a real game, allowing you to earn rewards for accomplishing your goals. While you can join the app for free, the paid version allows you to share tasks and even compete with your friends.

Communicate with others in an instant

High-speed Internet puts your contacts at your fingertips whether you use email or messaging apps via social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. When you need to get in touch quickly, applications like Slack, Google Hangouts, iMessage, and Microsoft Teams use high-speed Internet to quickly connect you with your colleagues. 

The rise in working from home has made instant communication more important than ever, as many of us no longer have the ability to just pop by our coworkers’ desks. Fast Internet service facilitates these connections to make your working hours more productive. 

Organize your personal life 

When you’re able to get your work done more efficiently, you have more time to do the things you love. The Internet offers a number of online platforms to help you organize and keep up with your hobbies. Whether you like cooking, handicrafts, or sewing, fast Internet service gives you the ability to spend more time enjoying, improving upon and planning your hobbies. 

Pinterest lets you “pin” your favorite recipes for easy access, Craftsy offers online classes taught by experts so you can hone your crafting skills, and note-taking tools like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote allow you to file, organize and access your notes across devices. 

High-speed Internet keeps people connected and brings them closer to accomplishing their goals each and every day. Fast Internet service supports the tools you need to manage your time effectively, communicate and organize your work and personal life.

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