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How We Used High-speed Internet in 2020

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Last year brought a lot of changes to our lives, one of which was how often we use the Internet. High-speed Internet enabled us to work, learn and stay connected at home. 2020 significantly increased the importance of having a high-speed Internet connection.

Commuting to Work

The majority of workplaces switched to remote work starting in March through the end of the year, making Internet providers an important part of the “new commute.” Remote workers relied on high-speed Internet at home to meet virtually, communicate with peers and get work done.

Going to School

Students also participated in remote learning, continuing through the Fall 2020 semester. High-speed Internet helped students from kindergarten to graduate classes like law school attend classes, meet with teachers and peers, conduct research and submit work.

Connecting with Others

At a time when friends and family could no longer gather safely, high-speed Internet and Zoom provided many with ways to connect. Game programs like Kahoot were used for kids to connect with their friends. Coworkers, friends and families also got together via platforms like Zoom and Skype.

Shopping Online

Shoppers for everything from essential items to gifts decided to order items online rather than going to the store this year. An effect of this switch was that many local businesses began selling online to embrace the shift in purchasing habits, broadening their audience thanks to high-speed Internet.


Internet providers saw an increase in high-speed Internet use for streaming services last year. This was due to increased demand for movies (as movie theaters closed), TV shows, and online games (for entertainment for kids and adults alike).

Though many things about 2020 were out of the ordinary, high-speed Internet helped bring a little bit of normalcy to people staying safe at home – including the possibility for remote work and school, as well as connecting with others

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