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The Magic of Satellite Internet Explained

magic of satellite internet

A split-second exchange of information between Earth and space. Technical marvels trading signals among the stars. For something many of us rely on every day, satellite Internet has an almost magical quality to it. Sitting at our computers, we become part of a process that relays data from space to points across the planet. It’s truly incredible to think about everything that goes on behind the scenes in order to display a simple web page on a screen, putting the power of possible right at your fingertips. Let’s take a closer look to uncover the technology that enables satellite Internet.

A Global Connection

As you might guess from its name, satellite Internet uses a satellite high above the Earth to connect. The satellite sends and receives radio waves to exchange information back and forth with points on the ground, connecting to people’s homes and offices via parabolic antennas (satellite dishes) that you see on roofs and sides of buildings. To get a better understanding of this process, let’s look at what happens when someone clicks the link to this site.

When someone with satellite Internet clicks on a link to this webpage, a request for information is sent out from the satellite dish on top of their house to a satellite in orbit. From there, the satellite begins to communicate with a series of gateways on Earth. First, the satellite beams information in the form of radio waves to a terrestrial satellite dish. From there, the request travels through several additional gateways where it is processed in order to gather all necessary information from the Internet. Once the information is ready, the process repeats itself with data sent from the satellite dish up into space, where it’s redirected by a satellite back to the original satellite dish.

A Connection for Every Community

But the technology that powers it is only a small part of the magic of satellite Internet. Connecting homes and communities around the world, satellite Internet often serves as the only option for Internet connectivity in rural areas with no access to fiber or cable. In remote areas that lack the established infrastructure for other methods of broadband connection, satellite Internet ensures everyone has access to connectivity, no matter where they live.

Dependable, Even in Disaster

It’s not just rural communities that rely on satellite Internet to keep connected. In places with landline connectivity, terrestrial lines and cell towers are vulnerable to storms, floods, accidents, and fires, leaving many people at risk of losing essential connections during emergencies. But when disaster strikes, satellite is there to ensure reliable connectivity, unobstructed and unhindered by events on Earth. Satellite delivers real-time connectivity for first responders and communities so they can send and support front-line help quickly and without interruption. From aiding in disaster relief to ensuring victims can notify family and friends about their whereabouts and wellbeing, satellite Internet keeps communities connected when they need it most.

The Gold Standard in Satellite Internet

So, no matter the need, satellite Internet can keep you connected. Services like HughesNet can deliver widely available, reliable high-speed broadband connections. Every HughesNet plan offers 25 Mbps** download and 3 Mbps upload speeds, allowing users to enjoy sharing photos, email, listening to music, watching videos, working from home, and more. Available anywhere you can see the southern sky, HughesNet satellite Internet is an accessible and reliable option for people who want to live where they love and still stay connected.

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