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Meet Cassandra Ivie: 4-H National ‘Youth In Action’ STEM Pillar Winner!

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The National 4-H Council has awarded Cassandra Ivie, a 17-year-old student from West Jordan, Utah, the 2018 National ‘Youth In Action’ Pillar Award for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Ivie is a leading youth advocate and organizer for STEM education through 4-H and will serve as 4-H’s lead youth spokesperson for STEM in the coming year.

4-H History: Starting Small

Ivie joined 4-H in Kindergarten as a Clover Bud with an interest in photography. She is the middle child of six children and lucky to be a member of a family that sees the benefits of 4-H. When she was young, her family started a club with nearly 15 students to strengthen 4-H skills. Perhaps this is why Ivie sees 4-H as part of her family. “4-H is family, a family filled with people who are passionate and determined to make a significant difference in society,” she said. As part of 4-H organizations, Cassandra quickly developed a love of robotics.

Growing Impact

Ivie is now a fantastic example of a 4-Her making a significant difference in society. She is one of the Utah 4-H State Ambassadors and the founder and creator of Incredible Machine, a curriculum that teaches chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering to 4-H students in her community. “I teach every activity to countless groups of students, many who come from low income backgrounds in my area,” says Ivie. “This is an excellent platform for learning. The students become passionate about STEM and learning becomes fun.”

Cassandra’s work has been recognized within her community as well as on a national stage. Vernon Parent, Utah 4-H Agent, says, “Cassie has made a large impact on local and 4-H programs. She is an amazing youth leader that has learned how to balance creativity, hard work, and leadership.”

‘Youth In Action’ Award

The 4-H ‘Youth In Action’ Awards have been a tradition since 2010, and recognize 4-H’ers who use their time with the organization to make an impact on their community. The award highlights youth in each of 4-H’s core areas of Agriculture, Citizenship, Healthy Living and STEM. These four pillars represent the fields in which 4-H youth excel on a national level and align with the mission mandates of the National 4-H council.

As the STEM pillar winner, Ivie will receive a $5,000 scholarship for higher education and will serve as an advocate and spokesperson for 4-H STEM programming. She is joined by three other 2018 national ‘Youth In Action’ winners, Serena Woodard of Oklahoma (Agriculture pillar winner); Sophia Rodriguez of California (Healthy Living pillar winner); and Kyra Lee Harry of New York (Citizenship pillar winner). All will be honored at the 4-H Legacy Awards in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

HughesNet and 4-H STEM

HughesNet is the founding sponsor of the the 4-H ‘Youth In Action’ STEM Pillar award and has acted as a 4-H STEM partner for the past 5 years. “Congratulations to Cassandra for being selected as 2018’s 4-H Youth In Action STEM pillar winner,” said Peter Gulla, senior vice president of marketing at Hughes. “Her creativity, innovative spirit and dedication to serving others have inspired an entire community and help spark students’ interest in STEM. We look forward to seeing how she continues to inspire the next generation of leaders across the country as this year’s STEM ambassador.”

To learn more about ‘Youth in Action’ and to view other pillar winners from around the country, please visit:

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