National Aviation Day: 3 Cool Aviation Technologies You've Never Heard Of

Airplane image

It’s that special day: National Aviation Day is August 19th! In honor of this national holiday, we’re walking through three cool advances in aviation technology that are working behind the scenes to improve your in-flight experience.


Do you like the window shades of your airline seat up or down? If your answer is up, you’ve already experienced airline technology without even realizing it. CoolView is a new window technology that helps reduce the infrared rays that enter and keeps the cabin cooler. This is possible thanks to the use of an advanced metallic composite built into the windows instead of a film coating that eventually peels off.  It reduces the UV rays that enter by up to 99%, so when you’re looking down at a gorgeous coastline you won’t have to worry about potential sun damage.

Virtual Windows

For those who prefer the window seat, there are other interesting technological advances as well. Some planes now use fiber-optic cameras instead of airline windows to stream images onto the wall space of the cabin. These are already in play on Emirates first class Boeing 777 aircrafts. These cameras stream higher quality, more beautiful images of the view. One day, these screens could also act as screens for entertainment or flight information.

MyGoFlight’s Head up Display

Just as there is plenty of new driver technology that makes it easier for drivers of automobiles to enhance their focus on the road, so there is also technology that helps pilots in the cockpit. Head up display (HUD) technology has been implemented in military aricrafts for decades, and now that technology has made it into commercial airlines. A heads-up display is a transparent device that presents flight data directly in a pilot’s line of sight so they don’t have to look away or get distracted. With MyGoFlight’s display, even older, and smaller planes can have this technology for themselves. Their product projects images from an iPad or iPhone drirectly onto the HUD screen, so pilots can get the information they need without taking their eyes off the skies.

Flying can (literally) change your point of view. These advances in technology address your different viewpoints – whether you are a passenger who prefers to see high-quality images from thousands of feet up or you’re a pilot who needs to see the controls without looking down. So change your perspective and get in the air on National Aviation Day. 

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