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One Year Pandemic Lookback: How We’ve Changed

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The virus and the way we have reacted to it has changed how we connect with our friends and families, how we work, learn and find entertainment. We wanted to look back on the ways we’ve changed this year for the better.

Better Work/ Life Balance

The pandemic has eliminated or shortened commuting time across the country, leading to more time being productive at work or interacting with friends and family and less time getting from A to B. Individuals now have more flexibility in their work schedules to do other tasks and activities while at home. The closure of in-person schooling and work also has brought about bonding moments with family and pets in this make-it-work moment.

Empowerment of Creative Solutions

Although in-person gatherings big and small were cancelled over the past year, people found ways to celebrate and socialize remotely online. Whether it was planning dates, trivia nights, online gaming nights or micro-weddings, people came up with extremely creative solutions to the problem of not being together this year. This creative problem solving has made us better and more adaptable for the future.

Supporting Local Businesses

Without the ability to travel, we rediscovered the treasures in our own backyards. Americans supported local small businesses by ordering takeout from the restaurants around the corner, buying from local shops and getting outside in their hometowns.

A Focus on What’s Important

A time of great and rapid change can also be a time to refocus on what is most important to us – from family and friends to health. It can be a time to cut out the noise of our everyday routine and make changes that will put us on a positive path.

While this past year has been extremely difficult for many, we have found some good in the changes the pandemic has brought about.

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