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Prep Your Hunting Expedition with HughesNet

men on a hunting trip

As the weather changes from hot to cold or wet to dry, outdoor enthusiasts and hunters across the country start setting their sights on the next hunting season. A successful hunt requires careful preparation and assembling the proper assortment of tools. Making and sticking to a hunting checklist can mean all the difference in achieving your personal hunt goals. 

Many HughesNet survey respondents said they hunt and fish to relieve stress, so it’s important not to let the preparations for your next trip contribute to your stress levels! If you enjoy hunting and fishing, like a quarter of respondents in a recent HughesNet® customer survey, here are some pre-hunt online resources so you can feel confident about your excursion from start to finish:

  • E-Scouting: First, you’ll want to do some electronic scouting to locate an area that looks promising for your chosen game, as well as confirm you’ll have access to the location by contacting your local public lands management office. In order to maximize your time, focus on an area that won’t require too much travel time, whether by car or on foot.   
  • Sunlight Tracking: Knowing the best time of day to hunt specific game is essential. Helpful tools like a solar calculator can assist in pinpointing sunrise and sunset and planning your daily schedule. Whether going out for an early morning adventure, a full day or a prolonged evening stay in the woods, it’s best to understand how the light will impact your activity.
  • Laws and Regulations: In order to keep a flourishing and healthy ecosystem, a variety of regulations that govern when, where and what game you can hunt apply. It’s crucial to keep up with the latest state laws and regulations that pertain to hunting in your desired area as they often change from season to season.
  • Gear: Every hobbyist loves to keep up with the most recommended gear, and hunting is no exception. Trail cameras, multi-tools, survival kits, water carriers, flashlights and other essential gadgets are constantly being updated with new features and applications. The Internet is a great place to learn about recommended products and offerings from other hunters.
  • Weather Checks: The weather can change quickly and dramatically in many hunting areas, leading to changes in animal behavior and feeding patterns. Assuring you have the most up-to-date weather information before a hunt is essential to your success.
  • Processing and Recipes: After a successful hunt, you’ll want to be sure nothing is wasted. Valuable online resources detail how to process, store and eat your game to ensure maximum sustainability. You can also explore delicious recipes to discover new ways of cooking your catch.

Hunting is a special way to connect with nature and these resources can help you achieve a successful hunt. With nearly half of survey respondents sharing that they utilize special interest websites and social media to boost their skills, a quick online search ahead of your next hunting and fishing trip may make all the difference. Happy hunting! 

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