Safety Tips for Black Friday Shopping

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If you are planning to shop either in person this Black Friday or online this Cyber Monday, you aren’t alone. American shoppers spent $3.34 billion on Black Friday last year according to techcrunch. Cyber Monday in 2016 was lauded as the “Biggest Day in the History” by Fortune.

You are already ahead of the game if you have read our previous post and have already decided which deals you’ll pursue during this holiday weekend. To make sure everything goes to plan, check out our tips to have a safe Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience.

Shopping In-Person

Follow these safety tips for in-person shopping this year to make sure everyone remains in the holiday spirit.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

According to CNN Money, stores and online retailers saw more than 154 million customers across the country shopping Black Friday Deals last year. That’s a lot of people. When shopping these deals, it’s imperative to take your personal safety and the safety of others into account. Remember—no item is worth anyone getting hurt. Keep your purse held safely close to your body and your wallet in a front pocket.

Take What You Can Carry

The large crowds, while sometimes overwhelming, may provide occasional advantages. One such advantage is lifting and moving large items. If you have a large item (i.e. a sofa or TV) on your wish list this year, don’t try to lift it alone. To avoid any harm to yourself, others or the merchandise, ask for assistance when moving heavy objects.

Make a Plan

When shopping with a group or small children, make sure everyone knows where they’re going and how to get back. It’s best to agree on a central place to meet if one or multiple members of your group get separated.

Give Yourself Some Credit

When shopping in person (and online), using a credit card typically is the best way to ensure a secure transaction. Credit cards provide you with automatic digital records of all transactions. Your credit card also allows for better security when it comes to fraudulent transactions. Save your receipts and monitor your card activity to spy any suspicious charges.

Secure Your Exit

You love your new purchases, so someone else might love them too. Always park in a well-lit area and keep shopping bags out of plain site. When heading back to your car, check around and under it. When you make your exit, watch for other shoppers as you pull out.

Though kids can try to ruin the surprise by searching out holiday gifts in your house, it is not a good idea to store items in your car. Find a secure place in your house for expensive items to avoid any damage or theft.

Online Shopping and Cyber Monday

More shoppers than ever went online last year, not only for Cyber Monday, but for Black Friday deals. There are many ways for you to stay safe when shopping online. Check out our recent post for online buying and selling safety tips. In addition, look out for deals that are a little too good to be true. In our recent post, we listed 6 tools that could help you identify and avoid online scams. 

It's always important to remember that no items are worth risking private financial information or injury. Though we sometimes get naturally  excited about great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, our excitement shouldn't keep you from shopping safely. Whether you plan to shop in store or online this year, make sure you remember to stay alert. 

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