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Satellite Internet and the New Normal

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this shift toward remote work. A combination of factors including the availability of remote work, more affordable home prices and rents in rural and suburban areas, and the availability for more space away from urban areas have drawn more families and individuals out to the suburbs and rural areas. In fact, in Q2 of 2020, 51% of property views by urban residents were in the suburbs, according to, signifying a desire to move from urban areas to those less densely populated.

Shift to the Suburbs and Rural Areas

What does this shift mean? For many, getting out of urban areas is a way to maximize space and safety for a lower cost of living than in cities. The increase in remote working possibilities for certain jobs has made this shift possible. While most companies made a temporary shift to remote work due to the pandemic, many are now contemplating more permanent options for remote working for those who still desire to.

Satellite Internet for Rural Areas

While moving to suburban and rural areas has many advantages, there have traditionally been some drawbacks – mainly getting high-speed internet service in areas outside of cable’s reach. Residents in rural areas need high-speed Internet to work remotely, participate in online learning, communicate with others and shop online. Satellite Internet solves this problem. Available anywhere, high-speed satellite Internet allows you to love where you live with all of the advantages of a fast connection.

Though the shift to remote work was temporary for most, it has caused many families to reevaluate their priorities and where they want to live. For those looking to take advantage of the suburbs and beyond, high-speed satellite Internet helps keep them connected.

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