Tips for Getting Involved in Your Neighborhood

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Summer marks the high season when it comes to moving in America. estimates that around 11 to 13% of all American moves occur during the months of June through August, around a 62% increase over other months.  Whether or not you are moving this summer, chances are your neighborhood will gain a few new faces. We’ve compiled some tips to help you get involved, whether you’ve lived in your house for two days or twenty years.

1. Introduce Yourself

Sometimes even just a simple introduction can be incredibly intimidating. If you’re not always the first to knock on a new neighbor’s door, there are several ways you can still welcome others (or yourself) to the neighborhood. 

If you’re better at introducing yourself online, try joining Nextdoor. Part community message board and part social media network, Nextdoor has information about everything from neighbors selling used furniture and events listings to lost and found and recommended businesses. More than 144,000 neighborhoods in all 50 states (plus DC) nationwide use Nextdoor, so odds are your neighborhood is already represented. Nextdoor can help you become more involved in your neighborhood by giving you recommendations and encouraging you to reach out and connect with your neighbors.

Those more interested in making a connection in person can hold a neighborhood event or a housewarming party. Summer is a great time for neighbors to get together, grill out and make new connections in the backyard.

2. Become involved in the community

One way to reach out to others in your community is to join a local group such as a book club or intramural team. The website and app Meetup is perfect for doing just that. Meetup has local listings for everything from book clubs to pick up sports leagues, language meetup groups to knitting clubs. If your neighborhood hasn’t used meetup yet, encourage your fellow residents to set up some groups.

Another way to meet and welcome new people is through volunteering. If you don’t know what local organizations could use your services, check out You can choose from different events categories and volunteer for a cause you believe in.

To find out what events are occurring in your neighborhood, sign up for your town or neighborhood newsletter. Many towns or municipalities have local calendars and newsletters that they release to residents. This can help you find other ways to become more involved in your community.

3. Shop local

Sometimes the best way to a neighbor’s heart is through their stomach. Local restaurants and other community businesses can be the best places to meet new neighbors. One great way to find, identify and rate local businesses is the AroundMe app. The app uses your phone’s location to set a radius and search for business listings in your area. You can search by category to find anything from bars and restaurants to movie theaters and hospitals. Listed businesses typically have links to contact numbers, yelp reviews and other helpful information.

Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood or staying put this summer, it’s easy to get involved in your neighborhood. Using just one of the techniques listed above could help you become a more integrated part of the community. 

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