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The Top 6 Podcasts About Everyday Technology

Phone podcast

There’s now a podcast for just about everything, from bugs to dentistry. The variety of podcast categories make it easy to satisfy most people’s curiosities. Many podcasts that talk about technology allow people to learn about advances, stories about how technology is affecting our lives, and how to better your life by using technological tools.

The Effects Technology Has on Society: Exponent

On Exponent, hosts discuss recent technology news and developments and the broader effects that technology events have on society. Recent topics include Disney’s streaming service announcement and how it will affect everything from our viewing habits to our streaming service bills. Another recent topic was the Changes in Apple News and how this service and others have affected how we consume news content online.

How Technology Will Positively Affect the Next 20 Years: Techtopia

The Techtopia host asks one question: “what will the world look like in 20 years?” Guests on the podcast discuss the mostly positive outcomes that they predict will arise from tech in the near and distant future. Recent topics include Technology and the Future of Work, which discusses the changes in the work place that will occur in the future.  Another recent podcast focused on smart buildings and their growing prevalence in the world.

Short Keynote Addresses About Interesting Technology Topics: TED Talks Technology

The technology section of TED Talks provides short, engaging snippets about the present and the future of tech. TED Talks can be great for sparking specific interests in STEM and viewing a wide range of topics that might interest you. These talks can be about current technological advancements and how they are currently used to explore the bottom of the ocean. Others focus on the inspiring future of technology such as origami robots that can transform themselves by shifting shapes or the essential tech tools that humans would need to survive on other planets.

Personal Stories with Technology in the Background: Reply All

All stories on the Reply All podcast feature technology in some way, even if it’s not the main focus. The format varies, from a long podcast delving into a certain topic to a series of regular segments on how to fix your technology bugs. Many conside it as a storytelling podcast but with a slight technical tint. Recent topics include telephone scammers – one host’s story of his discussion with a telephone scammer. Another recent post focused on a prisoner who has been writing a blog for years but was arrested before the Internet came about and has never actually interacted with the Internet.

The Intersection Between Technology and Everyday Life: Note to Self

Have you ever stopped to think about the effects of technology? The hosts of Note to Self explore the changes that we have adopted in everyday tasks such as reading in the Internet age. Recent topics include Kids and Screens – how kids and adults can build relationships through and around technology. Another recent post provides an overview of all of the personal data included in the selfies you take and post on social media.

Tips on How to Live Better: The Upgrade by Lifehacker

Lifehacker is a site aimed at providing tips and tricks (or “hacks”) to your everyday life. The Upgrade is the podcast about those tips and tricks. Many (but not all) of these episodes involve technology. All episodes discuss ways to better your everyday life. Recent topics including technology include How to Travel Alone and How to be Better with Money.

We use technology every day without thinking about how it is changing the way we live or how it will change the way we live in the future. These podcasts bring technology and its role in our lives back to the center. They are easy to follow even for the newly initiated in tech. Whether you know a lot or just a little about technology, you can’t go wrong with these podcasts to fuel your tech interests.

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