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Where to Find the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Every year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring sales that could drop prices up to 40% or more. In fact, according to TIME Money, shoppers found the top Black Friday deals last year at J.C. Penney, where prices dipped to 68% off regular prices.

Though research has suggested that some of the highest savings numbers could be overstated, there’s no doubt that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are favorites of bargain shoppers. Want to join in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings all year round? We’ve compiled a few helpful tools and websites that can help you find the best deals.

Year-Round Deal Trackers

Sure, Cyber Monday savings are great. But what about the rest of the year? The websites and tools listed below can help you save during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday extended weekend and year-round. This site focuses solely on Amazon products and finding you the best deal. You can track specific items, get insights on daily deals, and sign up for alerts when prices drop.

Karma and Covvet: These two deal trackers can search multiple sites for the best price on a desired item. They cover many sites in the online clothing market so you don’t have to worry about getting the best deals on clothes and accessories.

InvisibleHand: Don’t have something specific in mind? Try adding the free InvisibleHand extension into your browser to save money on web purchases. When you’re ready to check out, it will search its database of retailers and airlines to see if it can find you a better price before you buy.

Honey: Honey also searches the web for deals, but also takes these deals one step further. This free chrome extension automatically scans the web for and applies coupons or discounts in any web checkout. Save the coupon clippers for Black Friday and get Honey for Cyber Monday and beyond.

Specific Holiday Sites and Pages

Mapping out a plan for Black Friday or Cyber Monday ahead of time can both help you get the best deals and better enjoy your Thanksgiving break. Check out the deals ahead of time at Brad's Deals,, or All of these sites aggregate deals and have special features to help you filter down to the deals you want. Cyber Monday also has specific sites with deals as well, including’s Cyber Monday section, which includes lists of deals by category lists of stores that are closed on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends are constantly changing. Looking to get great deals on specific product categories? You might find what you’re looking for at 2 different prices on either day. Whether you want to shop Cyber Monday, Black Friday or both, you can take a look at Deal News for the breakdown of when you can get the best deals on each day.

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