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FREE Professional Installation.*


Why High-speed Internet is Critical in the Modern Age

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For the past several years, the importance of a high-speed Internet connection has been growing exponentially, perhaps culminating in the first half of 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent response. Even before that, high-speed Internet was influencing changes in the way that we interact with each other. However, it is now clearer than ever how important being connected really is.  

Education at all Levels

The Internet broadens the horizons of the classroom and expands educational resources for schools. It also extends educational opportunities for all ages – from children to adults. A high-speed Internet connection can lead to opportunities that might not be available to those in areas that are more rural. Internet service can allow those people to take classes online based on their interests or have access to more information that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

A high-speed Internet connection can also increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to continue your education in a meaningful way with connections to classes, teachers and educational resources – all from within the comfort of users’ own homes.

Employment Opportunities

For the past several years, remote work has been expanding – with more and more companies offering opportunities to work part time or forego commutes entirely. However, for this to work, a high-speed Internet connection is necessary – for document sharing, sends and downloads, digital presentations and more. This increase in remote work ballooned exponentially with the COVID-19 outbreak as companies looked to continue business remotely. Having high-speed Internet can also be critical for finding new job opportunities – with job sites, resources, and remote interviews all now part of many hiring processes.

Health and Safety

High-speed Internet means better, quicker access to health and weather news and resources that can keep your family safe. Telehealth has been growing for a while, but now has increased due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Doctors can consult with patients and with each other so that everyone stays safe at home. The ability to get weather updates and warnings with a click of a button also helps protect communities and keeps everyone safer.

Connections with Those Near and Far

We may not always think of social connections as critical, but the Internet forges important connections between communities and those who physically live outside of them. A high-speed Internet connection can help broaden the world of each user.

High-speed satellite Internet is bringing these critical functions to communities outside of cable's reach. Internet providers become more and more important each day. Satellite Internet provides this crucial connection to those who love where they live. 

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